Discovery Christian College opened its doors on 2nd February 2015.

The big vision of Discovery is to offer a rigorous academic program and provide vocational pathways for every student leading to opportunities to follow their passion.

At DCC the development of character is paramount. We place Christian values such as respect, care, love and patience at the centre of our community and provide opportunities for students to develop into whole adults.


Working with families, we will help your child to develop a respect for others, a spirit of excellence and positive work habits to help them become the leaders for the future.


For many years, the town of Agnes Water had no local secondary school and high school students had to make the long journey every day to schools further afield in Rosedale or Bundaberg.

The establishment of Discovery Christian College changed this trend dramatically with students now having the option to attend a school just minutes from their homes. 


We value excellence in all areas of life and support our students to help maximise their abilities and attitudes. Our goal is to speak positively into the lives of our students and to encourage them to strive for high academic standards. We do this by providing a loving structured environment, a well-planned curriculum and effective assessment processes.

Along with academic excellence, we encourage students to love and serve others and give them opportunities to exercise this in their classrooms and in the community. We assist them to develop good communication skills and the ability to solve problems and to work in teams, which are all qualities required for future success.