Discovery Surfing Academy

At Discovery Christian College we are blessed with many talented and passionate surfers among our students. Some of them have already achieved notable success within the School Surfing context and beyond.

To support, engage and celebrate our top surfing students we launched the Discovery Surfing Academy.

Discovery Surfing Academy

The Academy offers:

  • excellent surf training and coaching in long and short board disciplines,
  • support to enter and compete in local and regional contests,
  • enrichment programs to gain experience and qualifications in surf coaching, health and well-being, surf lifesaving, and industry insights.

The Discovery Surfing Academy is one of only several schools nationwide providing integrated surf coaching and tuition.

Entry into the program is based on both surfing ability and the individual merits of each student.

To find out more about the Academy, please contact our office (07) 4974 7336 during office hours.

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Surf Coach Profile

DSA's Head Coach - Wayne 'Grom' Mellick

Wayne "Grom" Mellick brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and excitement as a surf coach with over 20 years in the industry. He has worked with and continues to liaise with some of Australia’s elite surf coaches and surfers.

Grom Mellick is also the owner of Reef to Beach Surf Shop (established in 1992) and the Reef to Beach Surf School and will be providing our students with a unique insight into and contacts within the wider surfing industry.

We are very excited to have Grom on board with the Discovery Surfing Academy and would like to thank him for all his work to help get this program established.