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27 April 2016


Important Dates

27/04: Cross Country (Gin Gin)
28/04: Love Bites (Yr 11)
02/05: Labour Day
03/05: Senior School Info Night
10/05-12/05: NAPLAN
12/05-14/05: Biology Camp
18/05: Grandparents Day
20/05-22/05: Captain Cook Festival
03/06: Athletics Carnival
06/06-10/06: Exam Week
11/06: Prep Info Day
13/07: Student Free Day
14/07: Term 3 Starts
Homework Club: Monday & Wednesday 2:45pm-4pm, Thursday 7:30am-8:30am


Please be aware that fees are payable in advance and all families should have received statements earlier in the term.

If you have not yet received a statement or have any questions regarding your account, please contact Helen or Stacey on or by calling (07) 4974 7336.

Message from the Principal

Damian Higgins, PrincipalOne of the most crucial things for any successful school is its community. This community consists of the students, teachers and parents. Each one of these groups is equally important and there is no hierarchy here. We are all in it together and each group has its given responsibilities.

It is vital that parents and teachers work together as part of the same team. What does this working together look like? As with any team, whether it be in business or in the sporting arena, the number one priority is that each member of the team supports each other. When all the members of the team feel safe and accepted then you have the recipe for a thriving team who will perform well. When individual members feel supported, their confidence rises and ultimately their performance reaches a high level. However, as soon as members of the team feel undervalued, unsafe or unable to trust other members, that’s when the team doesn’t operate as effectively and individuals don’t perform well.

We are blessed here at Discovery Christian College, to have an incredibly supportive parent community who give so much in their spare time to enable our community to be a safe an effective one for our most precious gifts – the students. Our teachers work incredibly hard to ensure your children learn to their full potential and have the opportunity to explore their own unique skills and creativity and ultimately find their desired pathway in life.

As a school, we are also mindful that we are not perfect and are always looking for ways to improve individually and as a school as a whole. This is where a strong community makes a difference as it enables us to share our concerns with each other in a safe and trusting environment. When parents and teachers communicate effectively with each other within a framework of support and trust, then all the research shows that their students thrive.

Let's continue to do this together. Lets keep strengthening our community so that every child, no matter what stage in life they are at can have a safe and smooth pathway through their school days.


Damian Higgins, Principal

Easter Celebration

Easter Celebration at Primary School

In the last week of Term 1, the Primary School had an Easter Celebration Day with many activities and some friendly house competitions. The day started with the Year 1/2 class parading their incredible Easter Bonnet creations during assembly. The effort and creativity displayed was amazing! Well done to all students, and to Chilli Ryan for receiving the award for best bonnet.

Primary students were treated to a ‘Resurrection Scavenger Hunt’, Jumping Castle, some Easter related games, a special Veggie Tales movie, and a competition to make the best Easter Celebration Banner.

Well done to Elliot House for taking out first place with their well-designed and brightly coloured banner and to Musgrave House for winning the Scavenger Hunt. This was a great opportunity to build team spirit, learn more about the true meaning of Easter, and earn some more house points! Staff and students alike had a fun-filled, fantastic day.

Thank you for those who volunteered their time to help out on the day as well.

Year 3/4 Science

Year 3/4 Science

In their study of the material world the Year 3/4s have been investigating some the properties of materials. To explore a material’s absorbency students conducted a fair test where they investigated the question “Which type of material soaks up the most water?” After predicting if a material would “Leak, Soak or Repel” the water, students tested each material then recorded their observation of what happened.

Other properties that the students investigated are biodegradability and tensile strength.

Sports Update


Last term, DCC entered 3 teams into the BDSSS Touch League – u15 Boys, Open Boys and Open Girls. All teams performed exceptionally well, especially the Open Boys and Open Girls. The Open Boys finished tie 4th overall and narrowly missed out on the Finals Day due to try differential.

The Open Girls

The Open Girls had a stellar season, capped off by two Finals Day matches, which saw them finish 4th overall, above teams like Shalom and Bundaberg Christian College.

Cross Country

Last term saw the running of DCC second annual House Cross Country Carnival. The morning was a huge success with all students from Years 1 – 11 giving the tough course a really good go.

Well done to all students that participated and especially the age group champions. Congratulations to Keppel House who one the event for the second year in a row.

This term our Secondary runners will participate in the Teams Relay at St Luke’s and the Individual Competition at Gin Gin. The Primary runners will run their Individual Competition at St Luke’s.

District and Regional Reps

Huge congratulations to DCC’s Bundaberg and Wide Bay Representatives.

Touch: Jackson Skinner (Bundaberg) and Lachlan Hazell (Bundaberg)

Rugby League: Jackson Skinner (Bundaberg) and Lachlan Hazell (Bundaberg).

Jackson and Lachlan are still to attend Wide Bay Trails in both Touch and Rugby League.

Soccer: Jack Higgins (Bundaberg) and Elliot Higgins (Bundaberg)

AFL: Kaden Winzar (Bundaberg), Angus Burton (Bundaberg), Mason Gates (Bundaberg and Wide Bay) and Edwin Chang (Bundaberg and Wide Bay)

Surfing: Alki Kallas (Bundaberg) and Archi Doble (Bundaberg)

Waterpolo: Paris Ryan (Capricornia)

Food Technology

This semester the Yr 8 Food Technology students have been cooking up a storm in the DCC kitchen as part of their elective program. Term 1 saw the class making a range of yummy dishes with apple crumble a class favourite (pictured).

As part of their unit on Healthy Breakfasts this term they will be making items such as Bircher Muesli and Berry Compote, Wholemeal Pancakes with Apple Topping, Poached Eggs Benedict and much more!

Free Parenting Program

Triple P is an ideal parenting program which enables you, as a parent, to learn strategies to minimize risky behaviours and enhance your relationship with your child Free Triple P sessions will be running at Discovery Coast Community Health Service. Strategies will include children from age 10 year through teen years. This program will be run over two sessions:

  • Wednesday, 27th April
  • Wednesday, 4th May

Time: 9:30-12:00 both days.

Numbers are limited so please phone to book your place (07) 4902 1100.

Secondary English

The students are hard at work in English. Our Year 9 class is working on improving vocabulary by concentrating on spelling, writing excellent sentences and using correct grammar. Year 10’s have been concentrating on studying the media and have started doing poetry.

Our Year 11 English class is learning about the effect of context on writing. They are practicing various styles of writing in a range of genres. The class wrote sonnets of a high standard.

The Fight

She walks the air-conned halls to ev’ry class
Her Australian History books piled high
Ev’ryone around her watches her pass
Stands back waiting for her to go on by
Paints all her nails black and darkens her clothes
She accepts that no one would even care
If she died tomorrow she also knows
That our sad world can often be unfair
But as she‘s obsessed with death and dying
Her ears call out so headphones go back in
To cut out all the horrible lying
Her music blasts and she lifts up her chin
She needs to be strong, push through, power on
Cause if she gives up, they’ve already won.

- Eloise Philpot


The pristine waters and the plain blue skies.
Salt in the air and the blonde in my hair.
The swelling of the tides that captures lies.
Sun reflected waters some do not care.

Crashing waves and cool breeze help you relax.
The UV rays that shine down on your face.
Laying down upon heated sand their backs,
Are warmed and they feel the ‘Strayan’ embrace

But tanned bodies from the sun cause alarm.
Epithelial damage can be done.
For those who may not know, can do great harm,
And to die young cannot be any fun.

My advice to those worshipers of Ra,
Beware of his kiss when you go too far.

- Kaitlyn Moody

Design Technology

Design Technology has been working with some different materials so far this year. The year 9/10 class made folding tripod camp stools with hand stitched leather seats.

The students had to cut the leather and mark the stitching holes using paper templates. The end result was some very beautiful camp stools and some happy campers!

Dental Van

The School Dental Van is currently at Agnes Water State School. Forms for students of DCC to access this service are available at the school office.

Please return completed forms to the office. Appointments will then be made to attend the van at Agnes Water State School.

Any enquiries please phone 0407 038 676 or (07) 4303 8059.

Year 10 Science

Year 10 Science students have already been busy this term creating marshmallow models of DNA and extracting chromosomes from wheatgerm for their unit on genetics.

Day for Daniel

On Wednesday 13th April the primary school students attended a presentation by the Morcombe Family at the Discovery Coast Community Centre.

It was a wonderfully helpful event in which the students received valuable information about Keeping Kids Safe.

Marine Science

Some photos taken by Mckenzie Wood during our field trip to Mon Repos.

We only saw one turtle make is way down to the beach but he was a fighter as he had missed the rest of this brothers and sisters which hatched the night before.