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25 October 2016


What’s Happening at School?

Hot Lunch Available every Friday Term 4.
Orders to be handed to office by Thursday 9am.

Ice Blocks and Poppers available for purchase every Wednesday Term 4.

Important Dates

October 2016

25/10: Bundaberg Chess Tournament
27/10: Prep Transition Day #1
27/10: Year 3/4 LARC! Tour

November 2016

11/11: Prep Transition Day #2
21/11-25/11: Grade 11 Camp
22/11: Prep Transition Day #3
28/11-02/12: Grade 10 Work Experience
29/11: Year 7 Orientation Day #1

December 2016

01/12: Year 6 Graduation Dinner
01/12: Year 7 Orientation Day #2
06/12: Presentation Night
07/12-09/12: Student Free Day

January 2017

23/01: School Recommences

Lost Property

We have a large basket full of lost property. Please encourage your children to have a look and see if anything belongs to them. At the end of the year if there are any unnamed uniform items left, they will be laundered and added to the second hand uniform shop for sale. And anything else will be dropped off at the local op shop.

Message from the Principal

Damian Higgins, Principal As we approach the end of the school year, we begin to look back and reflect on things past, but also start seriously looking forward to the next year. There has been an incredible amount of hard work behind the scenes this year as our senior teaching staff have collaborated together in establishing our QCE senior program for year 11 students. These students will be moving into their final year of schooling next year and our top priority as a school is to provide a high quality, rigorous academic and skills based program which culminates in success for every student. But what does success really look like?

In my view, success is when a student achieves what they are truly capable of and maximises their opportunities for the next phase of their life. However, we must be careful to not simply focus solely on the end product. Every single day that precedes the day a graduating student leaves school is important. We must be mindful of maximising every opportunity that comes along the way. Our lives are a gift that we must treasure daily. Although this is often difficult, there are some very wise words in the bible. In the book of Matthew, chapter 6, Jesus says "Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes". These are wise words indeed. We often worry too much about the future and forget to live in the moment right here and now. In a school setting, this is also true. We can wish our time away and long for the time when we can leave school and "be a grown-up". However, the testimonies of many grown-ups are along the lines of, "I wish I had worked harder in school", or "…those were the best days of our lives".

Having said all that, it is important that we do plan ahead and prepare for the future. This is something I have had to do over the last few weeks in light of some changes to our teaching staff for next year.

I am very sad to announce the departure of Mr & Mrs Pretorius at the end of this year. Sam and Kate are relocating to Perth to be nearer to family. Also leaving at the end of the year is Miss Priscilla Van Brummelen. Priscilla has taken on an exciting opportunity in Victoria as camp coordinator. We will miss these three staff members a great deal and our love and prayers go with them in their new ventures. Also leaving us, but staying in Agnes Water is Mrs Helen Radford, who is retiring at the end of the year. Helen has been a huge help in the first couple of years of the school in terms of overseeing our finances while a permanent Bursar is found.

I am pleased to announce that our new Bursar, Mr Leon Van Niekerk arrives in Agnes with his wife and two young children next week.

I would also like to extend a big thank you to Mr Isaac Murphy who has done a brilliant job in establishing our Design Technology program over the past two years. Although Mr Murphy will not be teaching here next year, he will still be a person very much involved with our school.

Although it is with sadness that we bid farewell to these outgoing staff members, we are also excited to welcome 3 new teaching staff to the DCC team for 2017. We have been fortunate to secure three outstanding educators to join our secondary teaching team in the areas of English, History and Science. All three are keen sportsman and will complement our Physical Education and Sports programs. More information about our new staff members will be announced soon.

I am sure you are all just as excited as I am to see our covered sports facility being constructed. In just a few short weeks, I am hoping this will be open for use. This will create a major new state of the art sporting precinct on our campus and add a new dimension to student life here at Discovery Christian College.


Damian Higgins, Principal


Year 8 worked hard at creating some amazing sculptures during term Term 3. Their theme was Mythical and Mechanical. They were required to create a sculpture using recycled materials to create a creature from mythology updated to the digital age and the results were amazing.

Well done Year 8!

Genius Hour Expo
2 November 2016

It's almost that time again! On Wednesday, November 2, at 1:45 in the library, students will be showing off the products that they have created during their Genius Hour projects this year. Family and friends, as well as community members are invited to see the result of their hard work.

Come along, speak to the students and be amazed at what DCC students can accomplish when they are working on their dreams.

During school hours the students will be standing beside their projects ready to answer any questions you may have. After school hours the projects will be on display until 5pm for anyone who would like to walk through and have a look.

Bundaberg Surf Lifesaving Carnival

Bundaberg Surf Lifesaving Carnival

At the end of Term 3, Jakob Wardlaw represented DCC at UQSSSL Interschool’s’ Surf Life Saving Carnival in Bundaberg where he was up against 18 other 13 year olds from across the Wide Bay Region. Jakob performed very well at the carnival, doing both himself and DCC very proud.

His outstanding results were as follows:

  • Sprints: 5th
  • Board event: 5th
  • Flags: 1st
  • Cameron Relay (combined with Xavier College, Hervey Bay): 2nd
  • Sprint Relay (combined with Xavier College, Hervey Bay): 3rd

At the end of the carnival, Jakob achieved an excellent 4th place in his age group with 10 points, only 3 points behind the overall age group champion. Jakob’s achievements and efforts are to be commended; he’s represented DCC well and made us proud.

Bundaberg Surf Lifesaving Carnival

We hope to see many more DCC students joining the team for the 2017 carnival.

Also this weekend Jakob is competing for Agnes Water in the North Australian Surf Life Saving competition in Mackay for U13’s flag’s, sprints, 1 km run and boards. Jakob has trained hard and prepared himself for the competition and is hoping to qualify for the Queensland Country Team.

Good luck and have fun Jakob!

Send in Your Photos!

DCC needs your help!

We are compiling folders of 2016 photos from school events, excursions and activities.

We are keen to keep our photo history updated. If you have any photos from this year, please send them to

Your assistance is really appreciated. This will now be our address for photos.

If you take any amazing photos of school events in the future, please send them to us.

The First School Play at DCC: Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother

School PlaySchool Play

What an awesome experience! Every after-school rehearsal was worth it. Even hours of hearing Mrs Clifton and Mrs Jones bang on about projecting our voices and big characterisation. More! MORE! They would yell. It was all worth it.

It was electrifying and fulfilling to hear the enthusiastic applause of the live audience and uplifting to be congratulated and praised so much for our performances.

Would we do it again?


The Three Pigs were a smash hit with their gangster attitude and their dance-off with the every-so-posh Wolf. ‘The Vomit Scene’ received big love and laughter from the crowd and both the Ugly Family and the Royal Family were fabulously-horrible. Cinderella’s short-temper was not mentioned in the storybook, neither was Prince Charmful’s geekiness, but the OTP (one true pairing) couple made hearts swoon—and some even topple-over with laughter.

Every character was completely unique and perfect, completing the night as ‘The First-Ever School Play at DCC’…and maybe the ‘Best Play in the History of All Plays’! (wink)

Primary School Excursion to Snakes Downunder

Snakes Downunder

On Friday, 9 September all the DCC primary classes combined for an excursion to Snakes Downunder Reptile Park at Childers.

The children were treated to an informative reptile show starring both non-venomous and venomous snakes, as well as a young crocodile. Some brave children got to hold one of the snakes (of the non-venomous variety) and the crocodile after the show. A high point was seeing a full grown male croc go into a death roll! The excursion was a great success, with all students coming away having learnt something new or interesting from the day.

Discover Your Voice!

Two choirs will be rehearsing on Wednesdays at Discovery Christian College this term. From 3.00pm - 4.00pm there is a rehearsal for students from Year 1 to Year 6 and from 5.30pm - 7.00pm there is a rehearsal for high school students, parents and friends. A variety of songs will be learned including some Christmas Carols and both choirs will perform at a Christmas Concert event at the Community Hall in early December.

This is a great opportunity for young singers to train their voices and learn music from different styles and cultures. Terri Hartung will be conducting and all students are encouraged to give singing a try in a friendly, happy setting.

Students Enjoy Theatrical Outing

A group of secondary students embarked on a journey of theatrical discovery recently when they travelled to Gladstone to see the Bell Shakespeare Company's performance of OTHELLO. This was brand new experience for many of the students who had not previously been to the theatre.

OTHELLO is the Shakespearean play being studied by the Year 11 English class and seeing it performed on stage helped students understand the play.

The role of Iago, arguably Shakespeare's most villainous character, was masterfully portrayed and his use of jealousy as his "weapon of choice" was evident in the deconstruction of Othello's character. The audience was wowed by Desdemona's poignant death scene and many of the patrons were seen literally sitting on the edges of their seats.

I think a good time was had by all and hope we will be able to experience these events more often.

Ms Vermaak

From the Desk of the Student Development Coordinator - Mr Pretorius

Mr Sam PretoriusIt is with great pleasure that I address the DCC community “from the desk of the Student Development Coordinator” for the first time. Although all staff have been tirelessly devoted to the wellbeing and development of your sons and daughters since DCC opened its doors last year, this new role allows us to continue building into their lives with increased direction and purpose.

It is inevitable that student welfare development will involve a certain degree behaviour management that may well lead to tough yet restorative conversations and consequences for some students. I can assure you that our primary concern in this particular regard is to ensure that the highest standard of teaching and learning, in all classrooms and for all our students, are fostered. For those that do fall foul of the rules, our aim is not to be punitive, but rather to walk alongside students to help them make correct decisions that will help them to mature and grow into well rounded young men and women.

Towards these ends, we have recently implemented a new program for classroom management, a homework management plan and Friday Community Service to allow students to make right any wrongs they may have effected. Please feel free to contact me regarding any of these plans and policies.

What makes DCC a very special and unique school, however, is the staff’s dedication to getting to know each and every individual. It is an absolute privilege to be part of a staff that continues to go far above and beyond regular expectations to build positive relationship with all students, both inside and outside the classroom. We care deeply for each and every young man and woman at DCC and we firmly believe that positive relationships are the key to get the best out them. Healthy relationships between all members of our school community, and the creation of a happy and positive school environment are key to the way DCC operates. We will go to the ends of the earth to support and guide your sons and daughters as they strive to reach their God-given potential in all facets of their lives.

We are also aware of the fact that you, the parents, are a key piece of this puzzle. As a school, we are making every attempt to communicate as regularly, yet appropriately, as possible with the aim of engendering partnerships with parents for the benefit of the students. We also invite you to contact us whenever necessary about any matters concerning your child or children. Better communication between staff and parents will translate into better outcomes for those that matter most - DCC’s students.

Thank you for entrusting us with the immense responsibility of educating your children to grow up as academically equipped, well-rounded and socially responsible young Australians. Please be assured of our total and tireless commitment to this mission.


Sam Pretorius
Student Development Coordinator

CPR Awareness Session


A big thankyou to Queensland Ambulance Agnes Water division for spending time with our Grade 3 -11 students and allowing them to participate in a CPR awareness session.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, learnt a lot and most of all had fun whilst learning.

Other Sporting Achievements

New Surfing Sponsorship

New Surfing Sponsorship

A big congratulations to our Grade 10 student Archi Doble who over the school holidays secured a surfing sponsorship. Here is what his Sponsor has to say about him and why they chose him to be one of their Team Riders. Well done Archi!

"We first met Arche in 2014 when he won our 5'10 single fin at the Reef2Beach long boarding contest. Archi is one of the most humble, down to earth, young surfers that we have stumbled upon and are so stoked to have him apart of our team. It is hard to find kids these days that are passionate, love what they do and are out to have a good time, that’s where Archi is the perfect piece to the puzzle….oh and he is a killer surfer too!

We want to teach young surfers what it used to be like back in the 70's, where it wasn't all about competing and winning, it was about getting out there, having fun and giving it your best shot. We are so thrilled to have Archi apart of our team and a special thanks to Grom for making it all happen. And to all you surfers out there, just remember it’s all about having fun!"

The Crew @ Beaker & Bentley

Billabong Parko Pro Grom Stomp

Billabong Parko Pro Grom Stomp

Alki Kallas had the opportunity to compete at the 2016 Billabong Parko Pro Grom Stomp in Sept on the Sunny Coast. He did really well in really hard conditions, Alki gave it his best had fun and was up against two big names.

Go Alki, keep up the amazing work!

DCC Netball


A massive congratulations to the DCC Netball team who competed in the BDSSS Netball Competition Finals last term. They did extremely well to finish third out of 11 teams in the Open division, playing against many teams with opponents three years older than most of our team. Although they lost their first game, they showed great skill, determination and sportsmanship. Many coaches from other teams believe they will be a force to be reckoned with as they continue developing as a team and face opponents of more similar ages in future years.

Well done girls!