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29 November 2016


Important Dates

28/11-02/12: Grade 10 Work Experience
29/11: Year 7 Orientation Day #1

December 2016

01/12: Year 6 Graduation Dinner
01/12: Year 7 Orientation Day #2
06/12: Presentation Night
07/12-09/12: Student Free Day

January 2017

23/01: School Recommences

Lost Property

We have a large basket full of lost property. Please encourage your children to have a look and see if anything belongs to them. At the end of the year if there are any unnamed uniform items left, they will be laundered and added to the second hand uniform shop for sale. And anything else will be dropped off at the local op shop.

Message from the Principal

Damian Higgins, Principal The year is nearly over. And what a year it has been. There has been so much going on both visibly and behind the scenes that it is hard to write a wrap up of this remarkable year.

Of course, the big event this week has been the opening of our fabulous multi-sports arena. It has been a long time coming but we are all so delighted to finally be able to move out from the courtyard area to a significant sporting precinct including our oval (which has been given some extra treatment over the last few months and is getting better and better as a playing surface). While we are talking about surfaces, the covered sports arena will be given a synthetic non slip surface over the school holidays along with all the necessary line markings for the range of sports that can be played. These include:

  • Basketball,
  • Netball,
  • Futsal,
  • Tennis,
  • Volleyball and
  • Badminton.

With our surrounding nets, we also have the option of Indoor Cricket.

I am looking forward to opening up this venue for the community in the evenings as we have a full lighting system built into the roof and it will be great to see young and old alike enjoying our facilities.

There is so much more to reflect on over 2016. There have been challenges and also many things to celebrate. On Tuesday December 6th at 6pm, we will all reflect on these together at our annual Presentation Night. The whole student body will be present and we encourage every parent to come along and enjoy the evening. Elsewhere in this final newsletter of the year are details of some of our new staff members who will be joining us next year. We look forward to welcoming them to our growing school and are excited at the prospect that this time next year, we will be celebrating our first year 12 graduates as they move out to make a difference in the world.

I pray that you and all your family members will have a happy and peaceful Christmas.


Damian Higgins, Principal

Primary News

Mr Chris PhilpotAs we draw near to the end of the school year we naturally take some time to reflect on what we have achieved and how we have progressed.

The primary school classes have certainly been busy with much learning going on and many achievements being made during this final term. Not only have children kept busy in the classroom keeping up with their important lessons, but they have also been involved in many extra activities such as Day for Daniel, Operation Christmas Child, LARC excursions, School Movie Night, a Spelling Bee and more!

Looking back and seeing where we now are compared to where we once were, brings an appreciation for what we now have. May we be thankful for the blessings we have in our lives each and every day.

Chris Philpot
Primary Coordinator

Year 1/2 Nursery Visit

The Year 1/2 class spent some time this term learning about native Australian plants as part of their Humanities curriculum. This gave us the opportunity of taking them on a small trip to visit Mad Nursery on Bicentennial Drive. They got to have a look at some of the Australian native plants and how to care for them and their environment. The students had an exciting experience of discovering plants and small insect habitats. A big thank you needs to go out to the wonderful Deb and John of Mad Nursery who gave us this opportunity and hosted us so well.

Gardening with the Year 1/2’s

Grade 1-2 Gardening

The Year 1/2 class had the opportunity this week to do some gardening with Mr. Brett Young, our groundskeeper, in the new outdoor learning space.

The students learnt about all the steps required in the planting process-soil preparation, safe removal of the delicate seedlings from their punnets, planting, fertilising and watering. The garden beds are now filled with capsicum, eggplant, carrot and tomato seedlings-we can’t wait to see them grow!

The Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

On Friday, 21st October, DCC had 3 teams take part in the Spelling Bee portion of this year’s Academic Triathlon.

It was held at Rosedale State School and included teams from 6 different schools. There was an individual spelling round, followed by an unjumbling words task, a team crossword, a word search and finished with the challenge of finding as many words as possible from ‘mischievous’.

Spelling Bee

One of our senior teams came first in their division, our second senior team was just outside the top rankings and our junior team was only just beaten to the top position in their division by a few points, so came in second. Well done to all the participants.

All of the students displayed excellent sportsmanship and behaviour throughout the day and are a credit to DCC.

Bundaberg Chess Tournament


On Tuesday, 25 October, DCC sent two teams of four students to the Bundaberg Children’s Chess Tournament, which was held at Avoca State Primary School. The annual event had a total of 162 students participating from schools across the Bundaberg/Wide Bay region. All participants played seven rounds of 30 minutes throughout the day – quite a sight to see 100 primary and 62 secondary students all playing chess together in one place!

The DCC primary team consisted of Angus Clifton, Peter Domorev, Johnny Higgins and Sankalp Nandamuri, while the secondary team included Joel Philpot, Charlie Bradley-Tasser, Rowan Brennan and Noah Mischke.

Scoring for the chess competition is kept simple: one point for a win, half a point for a draw and zero points for a loss, with the maximum possible points being seven. Every DCC player participated brilliantly and was successful in winning at least one of their games, which is a great result for our young chess enthusiasts who at times were playing students from other schools with much more experience. Final results for the day:

Primary Team Secondary Team
Peter 3.5 Joel 4
Angus 3 Rowan 2.5
Johnny 2.5 Charlie 3.5
Sankalp 2 Noah 2

The Year 3/4 Larc Excursion

Larc Excursion

On the 26th of October, the Year 3/4 class went on a Larc excursion.

We boarded the Larc at 11:30am. The water was so clear that I could see lots of sea creatures; some of them were stingrays, baby sharks and different species of fish.

My favourite part of the Larc trip was the splash downs. The splashes were so high and powerful that they wet us all!

After that we had lunch on the sand under a tree. We ate wraps and drank cordial and water. When it was time to go we got back on the Larc and headed back to 1770.

Written by Ava Michalsky

Year 3/4 Class Camp Out

Year 3-4 Class Camp Out

Earlier in the term the Year 3/4’s enjoyed a fun filled night sleeping over at school.

In preparation, the children put up tents on the oval in very windy conditions, ready for the night ahead. The camp out evening itself involved games, making pizzas, watching a movie, popcorn, lollies, fun and blown-down tents!

The windy conditions through the day didn’t relent and a relocation of the sleeping arrangements was necessary, with classrooms becoming dormitories for the night. Although things didn’t go quite to plan a great time was had and many good memories were made by all!

Year 3/4 Physical Education Term 4

Year 3-4 PE

Nippers has been such a blast for the Year 3/4 phys ed class this term. The students have built and improved their confidence, skills and enjoyment in the ocean environment, being so important in our beach town. A big thank you needs to go out to Jamie Findlay and Jemma from the Wide Bay Life Saving team for giving the students this fantastic opportunity.

Year 3-4 PE

New Teachers Joining the DCC Team in 2017

Peter Hall

I was born in Emerald, Queensland were my Dad was the Anglican priest, when I was six weeks old my family moved to England where we stayed for six and a half years, on our return to Australia we settled in Brisbane. After finishing school I was very involved in youth ministry where I was youth leader/minister for a number of churches in Brisbane. I have a Bachelor of Theology and a Graduate Diploma in Education. For the past four years I have been living and teaching in Ingham, Queensland where I have been teaching Humanities and English for year’s eight to ten. I have been a year level coordinator and in 2016 have worked as part of an action research project to improve outcomes for the year nine students. I look forward to being part of the teaching staff at Discovery Christian College where I can combine my Christian mission with my passion for teaching. My wife and four children are also looking forward to the move to Agnes Water and making new friends. I am also eager to the prospect of dusting of my surfboard to use in the beautiful Discovery Coast waters.

Brett Parsons

Hello, my name is Brett Parsons, my family and myself look forward to meeting you all next year. I have been a high school teacher for over twenty years and I have taught in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Singapore and Bundaberg. My background is Geography/History and Science as well as being a part of many sporting activities. Teaching has opened up many life experiences for me and I hope to be able to share many of these with the DCC community. Over the last two years I have also worked with foster care families and with an alternate school for disengaged boys. I am always challenged by the verse in the bible where Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”, especially to see the reality of this in my own life. Enjoy your break and I will see you all soon.

Claire Parsons

My original degree (studied in the mid-90s) is in secondary education and then after some years away from teaching (being at home with three gorgeous children) I transitioned back into education as Prep-3 learning support teacher. More recently I completed a Master of Education, enabling me to become a Guidance Officer with Education Queensland - a role which I have been enjoying very much. I'm passionate about understanding and supporting the social-emotional and educational needs of students and look forward to working with parents, staff and students at DCC in 2017.

Marty O’Sullivan

It is exciting that my family and I are coming to Discovery Christian College and to Agnes Water. My wife will be working part time with me in the College and my son will be in Year 4. I have been teaching at Citipointe Christian College Brisbane for the past twenty-six years and for the last nine years I have been the Primary Technology Teacher. As a family we enjoy the outdoors, keeping fit and healthy and we love to play and listen to music. I am really excited about the opportunity of working at Discovery with the students of Agnes Water/1770 and what a pleasure it will be to live in what could be described as one of the best kept secrets in Queensland.

Day for Daniel

Day for Daniel

Friday the 28th of October saw us once again take part in 'Day for Daniel’, a national day of action to raise awareness about child safety and protection.

Our students wore their red t-shirts in honour of Daniel, helped raise funds to go to the Daniel Morecombe Foundation and very importantly were educated and equipped on how to keep themselves and their friends safe.

Year 10 Work Experience

In the next week our Grade 10 students will be taking part in work experience. Every Year 10 student get the opportunity to undertake a full week of work experience. Each student has found their own placement in an area of employment that they have an interest. The students will be enjoying their week participating in a number of different work places including Trade work – electrician and builder, kangaroo Sanctuary, Turtle Care, the Produce Store, Childcare, Surf Shop, Catering Companies, Lagoons Spa, Gladstone IT, and assisting the Police.

Good luck and enjoy your week ahead!

Student Development

As I reflect on 2016, I cannot begin to express how proud I am of all our students and the contributions each and every one of them makes to DCC. For a brand new school, establishing an inclusive, positive and united culture was always going to be a challenge and, after two years, it is clear that we have accepted and dealt with this challenge exceptionally well. Although the staff and parents frame and develop the school culture, it is something that is driven and lived by our students. Notwithstanding the challenges and shortcomings, our school has developed a positive and promising culture and all the students, from Year 1 to Year 11, are the ones to thank for this. With continued support and contributions from all students, parents and teachers, I am confident that we can continue to build on this foundation, not only at school, but also within the wider community of Agnes Water/1770.

Onwards and upwards!

Sam Pretorius

Year 8 Art

Year 8 Art

You might have seen some of Yr 8's artworks in the Discovery Year Book or other newsletters but this group hasn't stopped making artwork since they came into the art room. This term's project was self-designed by the students. They have been working on some more traditional artwork but some students chose photography and others animation. As you can see they are a busy bunch who take time out to help each other.

Trivia Night

Trivia Night

A great thank you to the community and school members that have attended our first Trivia Night a few weeks ago.

It was an evening filled with excitement as we had a number of teams competing for terrific prizes. Well done to the teams for participating and truly enjoying the evening.

Congratulations on the ladies from the local RTC who took out the prize for the best dressed hats. It was amazing to see so many of the DCC staff members take part and also win the event! A great big thank you to some of the local businesses and community members for donating prizes. They were greatly appreciated.

The Trivia night will be annual event with the next date set to be in term 2 with a 'Christmas in July' theme. More information will be provided closer to the date. Watch this space!

Snippet from Marteniekie Forsyth, Curriculum Coordinator

Marteniekie  ForsythWhat an incredible year this has been. I started here at the beginning of the year at DCC not knowing the great things that was going to happen in our small school. It has been a delight working with the students and I am really looking forward to seeing them again next year. All staff share the vision that each student, regardless of their interest, skills and abilities will be able to find a pathway to success and this will be continued as we work together to ensure our students graduate with the best possible results, develop a love of learning and cultivate a greater sense of who they are. I would personally like to thank our staff for their support and work ethic throughout the year but even more so, I would like to thank the students for their great attitudes and sense of commitment they have displayed in classrooms. Congratulations on each every student for completing this year. For students that are leaving DCC, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Just a reminder that our presentation night is on Tuesday the 6th December and I look forward to seeing our students there. As our school is growing, I can only imagine that there will be a few changes throughout next year as we welcome some new staff and students. I look forward to continuing working in the senior secondary area and overseeing the curriculum for the high school. On another note, I wish Mr and Mrs Pretorius the best with their future as they are leaving Agnes Water to pursue their plans and dreams. I also wish you the best with your little one to be expected early January. I also would like to say goodbye to Mr Corrin and Ms van Brummelen as these staff members are also pursuing greater and bigger things in their lives. Best of luck with your future endeavours. You will be greatly missed. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and blessings for the upcoming New Year!

Marteniekie Forsyth
Curriculum Coordinator

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child

This year our school had the privilege of being involved in collecting items to fill up ‘shoeboxes of love’ to send overseas to those in need. We had a great mix of gifts ranging from skipping ropes and handballs to art supplies and toiletries. The primary classes joined together to watch a DVD about this great project. It was interesting to see the journey some of the boxes take to reach their recipients, including travelling by boat, truck, bike, donkey and even sometimes by camel. However, the best part was being able to see the joy on the children's faces as they opened their gifts. Even things we see as everyday items are truly a blessing to these children.

We really look forward to taking part again next year and filling even more boxes.

Movie Night at DCC

Movie Night

DCC’s first ever Movie Night (28/10/16) organised by the school’s SRC committee was a great success! Our fundraising goal was to raise enough to have a school bench designed and made for students to use. The first movie, Paddington was screened in GLA4 and was aimed at the younger students, but became the favourite for many middle schoolers. Our second movie, Big Hero Six, was screened outside in the courtyard. After a delicious food break, the bagged lollies being the stand out favourite, everyone settled into their bean bags, deck chairs and cushions to enjoy the move.

With such positive feedback we are excited to plan for next year’s Movie Event, so watch this space.

Movie Night

Year 11 Camp

Year 11 Camp

To label our week on the Gold Coast as a ‘camp’ is probably a bit misleading as we stayed in the posh and fancy Meriton apartments in Southport. Each apartment was well equipped with a kitchen, TV (with Foxtel) in the living area and ensuite rooms. The students thus got a really good taste of what real city apartment living was like. To make the experience even more valuable and real, each apartment was rationed a certain amount of food for certain meals which they had to prepare themselves and if they didn’t cook, they went hungry (or in some cases ordered Dominos with their own money). Regardless, this was again some good life experience.

In addition to learning about the rigours of real independent living, the students (as well as Mr Pretorius and Mrs Vermaak) had a lot of fun. From the day we arrived, we had a jam-packed schedule of one fun activity to the next. Such activities included Bounce, Skypoint Tower Wet ’n’ Wild (and the the Sky-Coaster), the movies, put-put, the Treetop Challenge at Mount Tambourine, shopping at Harbour Town and a good few meals at various restaurants and fast-food outlets.

Our week on ‘the Goldie’ was a lot of fun as well as a valuable learning experience – a resounding success overall. A huge thanks must be extended to Mrs Forsyth who worked tirelessly to organise everything.

Year 11 Camp

Year 9 Model Trenches

Towards the end of the term the Year 9s built model World War 1 trenches using the resources and equipment in the Manual Arts room. Their projects were to include as many of the various components and conditions of a real life trench as possible: duckboards, fire-steps, going ‘over the top’ ladders, sandbags, barbed wire, no-man’s land trench foot, gas attacks, weapons and heavy artillery etc. This practical assignment gave them a wonderful opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding outside of the boundaries of the textbook and the classroom.

All the Year 9 students worked really hard to deliver top-class model trenches – very impressive!

Boardshorts Day Fundraiser

Boardshort Day

Thanks to the DCC school community, Mr Higgins and everyone who supported our board short day which was held in October. It was fun and great to see everyone getting involved, even Mr Higgins wore his boardies and thongs! We are raising funds to send a group of Tide’n’Turn groms to a HPC surf camp that is in January 2017. The Hurley High Performance Centre is dedicated to helping all surfers reach a higher performance level to enjoy the full experience of surfing.

DCC has some great little surfers who are eager to ‘live the dream’ and chase some waves at the HPC Surf Camp. Kids attending from DCC are: myself (Alki), Pixi, Piper, Archie, Nathan, Ella, Lianna, Paris, Cruze and Lochie.

Yeeew dudes – School is out for Summer!!!

Alki Kallas

Boardshort Day