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28 March 2017


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School Reports to be released Week 10

Parent Teacher interviews will be held Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th of March. We have set up an online booking system to enable you to quickly and easily make appointments.

Please go to and use the code 37cfk to access the booking system.

Please return your Parent Surveys back to school by 31st March.

Volunteering at DCC

Are you wanting to volunteer at DCC?

We'd love to hear from you. Come and grab a blue card form from Brie Murphy or provide us with a copy of your current card and get involved!

Message from the Principal

Damian Higgins, PrincipalAs we draw towards the end of a hectic first term, we can already look back on a significant number of highlights. Our first ever swimming carnival was one such event and it has its very own write up later in this newsletter. Our students have been making good use of our extended sporting facilities as we endeavour to increase the variety of activities across our school campus. Our new staff are settling in well to life at DCC and Agnes Water.

The relationships that we build with one another are very important as they are the foundation for all students feeling that they are in a safe place in which each individual, supported by their peers and teachers, can find their pathway to success. This is something we all have to work hard to achieve. It is easy to become distracted and focus only on our own goals, but equally important is our response to one another. If we continue to reach out in love and respect for our neighbour, whoever that might be, then we can be sure that we are heading in the right direction to achieve our goals of character, excellence and community.

Success doesn't just mean getting good grades in your school work. This is a very limited definition and one which I am keen to redefine here at Discovery. For me, success is finding your passion and purpose in life and one day finding yourself doing something you love that will not only benefit yourself, but the wider community. In light of this, I am keen to recognise more than just academic excellence in this third year of the college. We have already rewarded our top attenders earlier in the term. In the final week of term we will be presenting our term 1 “Heart for Learning” awards. These awards recognise effort, character and hard work and align with one of our 4 pillars. That being a willingness to do the best you can and be all you can be. You don’t have to be top of the class to achieve this. All you have to do is put in your highest efforts to reach your own "personal best".

I strongly believe that to achieve your personal best is a much higher calling than simply being better than everyone else. After all, if all we are doing is competing against one another, then we can miss out on those opportunities to reach out to each other. Don’t get me wrong, healthy competition is a good and noble thing, but it should always be in the context of enjoyment and respect. I am proud to say that the default position of the overwhelming majority of our students is one of love and respect for one another. If we can maintain this culture, there is no telling what we might be able to achieve together.


Damian Higgins, Principal

Awesome Effort

With a mix of sadness, relief and feelings of accomplishment our 2017 Summer Sport with BDSSS came to an end. DCC fielded five touch teams and a volleyball team with over 60 students attending each week. The students who attended on the whole displayed very positive behaviour and sportsmanship during the long drive up and back and whilst at the venues as they proudly represented DCC.

Week 6 saw some outstanding performances from several of our teams as they pushed for qualification for the finals. The U13 Girls volleyball team had an outstanding afternoon winning both their matches convincingly.

The afternoon of Touch kicked off with a very keenly contested match for our Open Boys who were eventually overrun by a very fast finishing team from Bundaberg North SH. The Open Girls Touch team also had a great day out beating an undermanned but valiant Kepnock SH team 7 – 0. The U13 Boys had a much tougher assignment playing a well drilled team from St. Lukes. Yet despite having two late withdrawals and no substitutes our boys came home with a strong 6-3 win with excellent performances across the board.

Our U15 Boys and Girls have all really improved throughout the season as the teams really started to get used to playing together for the first time and have been rewarded with some strong performances and several wins across the season. With baited breath we are still awaiting the final ladder with U13 Boys Touch, Open Girls Touch and our U13 Volleyball teams all in strong positions to qualify for the finals to be held on the final Friday of Term 1.

A big thank you goes out to all the students for representing the college so well over the course of the season, the parents and grandparents who were able to come along and support out teams and Staff who attended each week. Bring on the cross-country season!

Girls Celebrate International Women's Day

Legal Studies

In Legal Studies this term, we have been researching and discussing Women's Rights. We wrote an investigative essay on Women's Rights Afghanistan with the idea of discovering which laws we would like to be able to change in a society where women have been largely disregarded.

On Wednesday 8 March the Year 11 Legal Studies class celebrated International Women's Day. We all agree that we are thankful to live in a society where women have a voice.

Mathematics Competition

Math Comp

Recently, 28 DCC students took part in round one of the third annual academic Tetra-Olympiad at the Agnes Water State school.

Four Secondary teams and three primary teams joined 140 other students from schools around the district in a series of mathematical challenges. It was great to see our students collaborating and working through some challenging problem solving tasks as well as individually answering a series of mental arithmetic questions.

Our teams performed magnificently with DCC bringing home both the junior primary and secondary trophies. Congratulations to all our students who did the school proud!

Outdoor Ed




Prep / Year 1


Prep/Year 1 admired the vegetables in our garden, that were planted last year. We also enjoyed a morning in the Science room, with Mrs Forsyth, looking at insects and plants through the microscopes.

Timing the Manual Arts

Designn Tech

Mr Saayman is very proud of his "clock inventors". Years 7 to 10 students in Manual Arts made clocks from their own design, to the final stage of assembling the clock parts.

Students completed various projects and all delivered quality clocks. A big thank you from Mr Saayman to all the students for their diligence, following rules and instructions, peer support and responsible behaviour around the machines. We are all looking forward to the next project in Term 2.

Swimming Carnival


What a fantastic way to kick off our inter-house competitions here at DCC with our inaugural swimming carnival. Despite a late venue change it was a fantastic event. The weather was superb as our students showcased their swimming prowess. There were some wonderful individual efforts, too many to mention here. But perhaps the best example of the spirit of the day was demonstrated by one our younger students, 11 year old Bodi Billington. Who after competing in all the age specific events she could, stepped up to compete in the Open gir'ls butterfly, where she finished 4th.

Whilst Musgrave came away with a well-deserved win, it was a very close final score line as the other houses all moved into contention with some fantastic relay efforts.

Well done to all the students who participated on the day. A big thank you to our fantastic parents who helped out in preparing and on the day.

Special mention to the highest point scorers:

Name Score
Archi Doble 24 pts
Paris Ryan 22 pts
Mietta Coles 20 pts
Jade Gordon 16 pts
Bodi Billington 15 pts
Court Weir 13 pts
Jack Schultz 13 pts
Ella Rupp 13 pts
Alki Kallas 13 pts