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19 May 2017

Message from the Principal

Damian Higgins, PrincipalThis week, we celebrated the opening of our wonderful Sports Arena and although we have been making good use of it over the past few months, the ceremony was our official way of recognising and thanking the people involved in making this facility possible for our school. We had a number of important visitors attend this occasion, including the Honourable Matt Burnett, Mayor of Gladstone Regional Council and representatives of the Queensland government. The short ceremony also included some memorable items from our primary students and a major highlight was the debut performance of our new DCC Big Band. These special community events are always a great experience for all involved and remind us of what we have all been able to achieve together in these first two and half years.

One of our key missions as a school is to create an environment in which every student can thrive in their learning. If you look at this statement carefully, you should get a sense that it is not just the school environment that matters. Clearly, there are other factors that will affect whether a particular student thrives. These include the effort and attitude of the child, the home study routines and the support of parents. There is a famous old proverb that I am sure you have all heard before - "It takes a village to raise a child". This implies that for a child to reach their full potential in life, the entire community needs to take an active role. Discovery Christian College is just one component of our community in Agnes Water and although our school is a significant component, we are certainly not the "entire village". It is good to know that we have many key people in our wider community who play their part in supporting our students to become our future community leaders.

The staff here at Discovery are passionate about partnering with parents to maximise the opportunities that our students will have before them as they head towards graduation at the end of Year 12.

When a child starts in prep, there are a multitude of opportunities awaiting them in the far future. These opportunities gradually decrease as a child gets nearer to the point of becoming an adult. I often use the analogy of open doors to represent the future opportunities that are available and students must make good choices to keep as many of these doors open as possible. The famous inventor, Thomas Edison once said: "Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed up in overalls and looks like work". Here at Discovery, we want our students to have access to these opportunities, which is why we do our best to encourage them to work to the best of their abilities. We believe that every student is a precious child of God and is created with unique skills and abilities. Let’s continue to work together as the old proverb tells us to raise our children to become the men and women who will shape the future of our world.


Damian Higgins, Principal

From the Desk of the Senior School Coordinator

Marteniekie  ForsythIt has been an incredibly busy the term so far! Just recently we have had the Year 12 students organise a BBQ to raise money for their end of the year formal. I would like to thank all of our school students for their support. The Year 12 students will be having a few extra fundraising events to follow in the next few weeks that includes a cupcake stall, a movie night and a car wash. More information will be provided soon.

From a curriculum perspective, we have had a great week last week as many of our students sat the NAPLAN test over three days. There was a high participation rate and it was pleasing to see how well students undertook the test. It is important to understand that the NAPLAN data and results that are provided to us as a school, are a source of feedback to identify the strenghts of our teaching and working on ways to improve and enhance student learning. The NAPLAN tests are a marker of progress; they do not define who you are. The preliminary NAPLAN results will be provided to the school in July with the final results being provided to the school in September. Thank you to the students for taking part in this test.

The assessment calendars have been distributed earlier this term. It is essential that students are aware of the key dates of when assessment tasks are due. Mr Higgins and I have developed a Senior School Assessment policy that will be made available to students in Year 10 – Year 12. This policy will outline procedures that will be followed by staff and students if assessment tasks are not submitted. I am sure that you will agree, the Senior Schooling phase is an imperative part in a young person’s life as they continue to refine themselves as responsible individuals. Let’s make everyday count!

This Thursday evening the Year 10 information evening will be held at the College. All Year 9/ 10 parents are invited to attend the session starting at 5:30pm. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the senior phase of schooling and developing a SET Plan that Year 10 students require. A discussion on senior subject choices will take place to provide you with valuable information about creating a learning pathway for the students. As part of the evening, Mr Higgins will be speaking about the Year 10 camp plans and organisation. On a final note, I would like to encourage all of our students to stay focused on their studies. The exam week will be in Week 8 for all Year 7 – Year 10 students, and in Week 9 for all Year 11 – Year 12 students.

Marteniekie Forsyth
Head of Curriculum and Senior School

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp

Camp was a fun and adventurous time. We participated in team building exercises that brought us together as a group. Many of us faced our fear of heights. Which is a challenge when you are 11 metres in the air.

Teagen Mattner

I believe camp was exciting and adventurous. It tested our cooperative skills and teamwork. It was enjoyable and fun. I liked the experience very much. The food was pleasing and tasty. The camp was really good and I rate it an amazing 9 out of 10!

Alexis Firth

I felt as though camp was the most fun anyone could have, and at the same time it tested our strengths and challenged our weaknesses. Camp allowed me to get over my fear of heights.

Isabelle McIntosh

Overall, camp was AMAZING and CHALLENGING at the same time. My favourite activities would have to be the flying fox and archery.

The flying fox was really challenging for me because of the height, but once it was over I was happy. I think I would have regretted not doing it.

Ebony Cooper

I liked camp at Mapleton because I got to see what my classmates like out of school. I also liked the teamwork we shared together. I found camp both extremely fun and also very challenging. Some of the kids (me included) have a fear of heights, so it was great seeing so many people accomplish the activities with where height was involved.

Abbie Burton

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 Camp

2017 Year 8 camp to Mapleton was filled with fun and adventure, the students described it as one of the most exciting, terrifying and fun experiences of their lives. It was full of activities such as; rock climbing, abseiling, leap of faith and the Great walk (this was not our favourite although we got to go to the waterfalls and have a swim and enjoy the view.) Other highlights of the week were the game of spotlight on the night on the camp out and raft building.

The camp also had its "funny" moments when:

  • "A snake was right next to Hayley and she ran out of the bush leaving Jorja behind."
  • "We spent so long building rafts out of rope, barrels and bamboo only to discover that they sank as soon as they were put in the water."
  • "Jack claimed that there were squirrels, sharks and spiders when we were playing spotlight."

The year 8 camp to Mapleton was a wonderful time for the students to learn about themselves and each other. Overall, the sentiment from the year 8 students was that the experience was amazing.

Primary Art

Primary Art

Year 5/6 worked really hard in Term 1 on both portraits of friends as well as self-portraits.

The students completed their self-portraits using a printed photo of half of their face and then drawing the rest. This was an exercise in symmetry as well as developing their understanding of shading.

We developed our portraits further to incorporate Picasso’s cubist style. The results were very pleasing and showcase the developing talent in our Primary School.

Easter Celebration Day

Easter Celebration Day

On Friday, 21st April we held our annual Easter Celebration day. Even though we had to delay holding it due to Cyclone Debbie passing through our region, the enjoyment was in no way dampened. The day began with the Grade 1/2 Easter Bonnet parade. Lots of work obviously went into the creative designs that were displayed.

Everyone did an amazing job. The primary students then rotated through different stations taking part in an Easter colouring competition, making a beautiful and colourful cross with their own handprints, learning about the different stages of the Easter story, collating their own booklet and enjoying time on the bouncy castle.

Competition winners were awarded prizes at a final assembly and the morning culminated with an Easter Egg hunt where children delighted in searching for shiny little treats. The morning was finished off with a yummy hot lunch prepared by the Grade 12 students. A great day was had by all!

Out and About at DCC

Year 12 Marine Science Fieldtrip

Year 12 Marine Science Fieldtrip

Year 12 is a stressful year. Students are under all sorts of pressure to do well in their studies, to decide on pathways after school, dresses for the graduation… The list goes on. Last week our Marine Science students took some much-needed time out to unwind and sail and snorkel around Moreton Bay… In truth, amongst a lot of fun and amazing experiences, they undertook a pretty arduous fieldtrip as a part of their Year 12 Marine Science studies.

After several weeks of research and preparation, the students were as ready as they were ever going to be to spend several days in the field working with researcher and industry leader, Dr James Udy from Science Under Sail. James, an adjunct professor from QUT, splits his professional life between advising government and non-government agencies on all manner of marine environmental issues and educating people from all ages about marine environments and resource management.

The students had devised two unique projects that were designed to measure the impacts of urban catchments on Seagrass communities and also the effectiveness of marine parks on improving fish communities in Moreton Bay. Despite some unfortunate weather on the last day, the students successfully implemented their experiments and collected some very valuable data.

Other than the long and testing commute in the trusty school mini bus, the students thoroughly enjoyed the trip. There were some impressive highlights, including snorkelling through seagrass meadows and around the Tangalooma wrecks and watching and feeding wild dolphins. It was great to see students embrace the unique experience of sailing through some challenging conditions and overcoming their fears of open water and sharks. A huge THANK YOU to Julie Fox for coming along and helping out for the trip and also to James Udy, Michelle and Catiya from Science Under Sail for providing such an amazing educational experience for our students.

Literary Competition

The Independent Education Union of Australia is holding a Literary Competition for all students from Years 5-12. Students can write a poem, short story, or non-fiction prose (Year 11-12) and enter the competition with a cash prize of up to $300 for first place. Students can only submit one text per category, and the competition is broken up into Year level baskets.

For more information, please contact Mrs Jones:

End of Term Bundy District Sport News

So our Volleyball U13 girls finished 4th overall.

The Open girls also finished 4th.

The U13 boys touch finished 3rd.

As the finals were completely cancelled the minor premiers took home the trophies…

Other Sporting News

District Cross Country

Secondary District Cross Country 2017 occurred last week at Gin Gin SHS.

Thank you to all runners who competed and special mention and congratulations need to go to:

  • Lachlan Hazell, first in U13, going on to compete at Wide Bay;
  • Pixi Kallas, first in U12s, going on to compete at Wide Bay;
  • Jackson Horley, 4th in U12s.

Representative Rugby League

We have some awesome sports people in our school community who have achieved some great result's recently.

Lachlan Hazell and Connor Yeats both were selected to try out for the Possible & Probables U13's 47th Battalion Bundaberg Representative Rugby League Team.

This representative selection was made through their club sport and for the stand out players.

Big congratulations and well done to both of the boys, with Connor making the team and Lachlan just missing out.

Both boys played fantastically and made their families, clubs, coaches and BJRL proud.

Surfing News

A number of our students competed in the Surfing QLD HIF Agnes Water competition. Everyone had a great weekend had lots of fun and did an awesome job.

A special mention to Archi Doble winning the U18 Longboard Division, Alki Kallas coming 2nd in U18 Boys Short Board Division and Cruze Ryan coming 2nd in U12 Boys Shortboard Division.

Well done to everyone involved.


Sporting Subsidy Available

Is your child participating in sporting events at a higher level?

Did you know there are government grants and subsidies for particular events?

To find out more information please visit and

2/3/4 Physical Education

Grade 2-3-4 Swimming

Last term we had a splash with Terri's swim school, cooling us down and learning survival swimming techniques. It was incredible the level of improvement these little swimmers made in our 7 weeks at swimming lessons. Thank you very much to all the parent volunteers that helped us, driving and diving into the pool, and to Terri for your fabulous instruction.

Grade 2-3-4 Swimming

This term we are focussing on Tennis and Athletics. We look forward to using our new sports arena for a shady area to learn new skills with Angie Draheim, with hopes of sending some students off to compete early next term.

Primary Maths

Grade 2-3-4 Maths

Measurement has been the recent focus in Maths in the Year 2/3/4 class.

The class learned about using body parts as different units of measurement; a foot, a cubit (the length of the forearm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger), a hand span (the length between the tip of little finger to the tip of the thumb) and a pace (one normal walking step). After investigation these arbitrary units were found to be different from each other and the need to have a standardised unit of measure was agreed upon. Children then measured the length of different objects both in and outside the classroom.

Grade 2-3-4 Maths