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23 June 2017

Message from the Principal

Damian Higgins, PrincipalOur House Athletics Carnival took place on Friday the 16th July and was a wonderful success, with outstanding competition both on the track and in the field events. It was great to have the whole school involved in this exciting and community-building carnival. A big thanks to all those parents who came along to support our students and all those who helped run the events.

As with any sporting event, there can only be one winner. This year, Musgrave claimed the victory in a very close run competition. But, seen in a different light, we are all winners. In Steven Covey’s well known book “The seven habits of highly effective people”, one of these key habits is to develop a “Win-Win” mentality. In the vast majority of situations, it is possible to find a win-win solution, whereby all parties, to some extent are better off and can find positive outcomes.

A good friend and colleague of mine recently reminded me that Community - or common-unity- is built through a joint commitment to win-win outcomes. It’s through collaboration, negotiation and patience that we are able to facilitate ways forward that are considerate of the entire community’s needs. This process facilitates understanding, trust and harmony. It empowers us to create true common-unity. I suggest that the motivation for win-win is inspired by God and reflected in a verse in the bible written in Mark 12:31 "...Love your neighbour as yourself".

In all of our dealings, may we continue to seek win-win outcomes that don’t compromise our values, but help us, in all of our diversity, to continue to build stronger community based on trust, strong relationships, understanding and most of all love.

I pray that we can all enjoy a well deserved semester 1 break and come back refreshed and recharged for a successful second half of the year.

May God bless you all!

Damian Higgins, Principal

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Grandparents Day

On Friday, 2 June, we held our annual Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day here at DCC. Our day started with a Primary School Showcase where each class presented an item, including songs with actions and presentations of work covered during the term. The showcase drew to a close with all of the primary school students reciting Psalm 100 together. Our special guests then shared in a beautiful morning tea of savoury and sweet delights, followed by the opportunity to join students in their classrooms and take part in a variety of activities.

It was a wonderful opportunity to share what we have been learning in class and to honour those who have come before us and contribute so much to the student’s lives.

"Love is the greatest gift one generation can leave to another."
- Richard Garnett

Mum’s Morning in Prep/One

Mums Morning Tea

On Friday the 12th of May, the Prep Year One class hosted a Mum’s morning in our class. It was with great excitement that we prepared and decorated our room. Each student created a unique portrait of their mum. It was with hearts filled with love that we welcomed our mums and presented them with a thank you card, personal letter and a handmade tulip. It was very exciting to sing and dance with our mums here at school. With only a white piece of paper our mum-student teams were faced with a challenge to decorate a blank piece of card. They did not disappoint and soon the classroom walls displayed beautiful art pieces in a heart shape. Our lovely morning was concluded with a delicious morning tea enjoyed by all.

The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet

The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet

Casting is complete and rehearsals are well under way for this year’s school play. This year a record number of students from grade 5 to grade 12 auditioned and everyone was given a part to play.

This year's play is a comic adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy about the two star crossed lovers who come to an unhappy end. However, whenever Dr Seuss is involved you can be assured silliness follows.

‘Now don’t get us wrong, we love William Shakespeare,
But, in this new century he’s not very clear.

Yet, only in reverence to him our great hero,
Do we pull ‘The Bard’ back to our level, zero.

We’ve shortened the play, changed some names, made it rhyme
No more blank verse, we don’t think he’d mind.

A rhyming tetrameter is thought quite useful,
But, could make the play sound a bit Dr Seussful.

…And, what’s wrong with that, why as sure as we’re standin’,
Suess is good too, and most folks understand him.’

Cross Country Wide Bay Trials

The Regional Wide Bay Trials were held in Gympie, both Pixi Kallas and Lachlan Hazell competed against 38 other competitors. They both did a brilliant job with Pixi coming in 8th and Lachlan came 4th scoring a spot on the Wide Bay Team, which sees him heading to the state trials on July 13th in Brisbane. Lachlan also made the four man relay team.

Well done to both competitors you have made yourself, your family and the school proud.

Reptile Education Safety and Training Australia


Last week our primary school students were very privileged to receive a visit from RESTA (Reptile Education Safety and Training Australia). They gave a very informative and hands-on presentation about non-venomous and venomous snakes, lace monitors, lizards, insects and other arthropods. There were many 'oohs and aahs' as the creatures were being shown and a few gasps as well! The students were even able to hold some of them at the end of the session. It was a fantastic incursion enjoyed by all.


Mighty Minds

Our Year 11 and Year 12 OP Eligible students had the opportunity to take part in a two-day intensive QCS workshop on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 of June. The workshop was taught by the highly experienced Mighty Minds, who flew up from Brisbane to complete the tuition of this masterclass.

"Since 1998, Mighty Minds has been an educational consultancy company that combines experience and innovation to provide personalised, effective learning solutions that support students, teachers and schools. They specialise in effective learning. Mighty Minds has facilitated over 8000 workshops and provided detailed marking and reporting for hundreds of thousands of past QCS and NAPLAN practice tests. They design resources, programs and workshops to suit the specific needs of students and work in partnership with our College to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students. Everything they do together is focused on students. Mighty Minds build long-term relationships that make ongoing improvement possible, rather than just providing quick fix solutions that make little difference in the long term. If they don’t have something that our school needs, their resources team will create it."

The two-day workshop has helped to build the students skills in preparation for their QCS test which largely contributes to their overall OP. This opportunity was extremely valuable in terms of building their skills and confidence to perform on the QCS test they complete near the end of term three.

Hospitality Year 11/12


The Mocktail evening was run by the Year 11/12 Hospitality Studies class, which was an important event as it was their first social function for 2017. Everyone was welcome to the function, parents of the Year 11/12 students, the school community and new and existing teachers. It gave everybody a chance to socialise, feel relaxed, talk to your children’s teachers and feel comfortable within the close knit community. Not only was this function for socialising, it opened the world of art and allowed the students to showcase their unique talents for everyone to see and admire. It surely was a night to remember.

Athletics Students Games Championships

Athletics Students Games Championships

School students from across Australia are invited to compete for their school or education institute at this years North Queensland Sports Foundation Athletics North Queensland (ANQ) Student Games Championships. Billy and Tyler Baxter were lucky enough to be able to attend this event and represent DCC, both boys did really well and had lots of fun.

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