4 August 2017

Message from the Principal

Damian Higgins, PrincipalI am sure that there are many different thoughts and feelings that arise whenever a person, young or old, thinks about school life. These feelings may be positive, negative, or a combination of both. I am sure everyone has a similar idea of what school should be like and I wanted to reflect on that a little in today’s newsletter.

Education is so much more than Learning and Teaching in Schools. Education should be never ending. It is the journey through life itself and will always be most powerful when it is relevant to our own existence. In other words, when learning experiences can be at the intersection of content, curiosity and relationship, they will always be engaging, personal, enjoyable, and meaningful. This is what every school needs to become. We are striving at DCC to do just that. For our school to become a place where learning is so clearly connected to life’s experiences that true knowledge and understanding can be achieved and have a life changing impact on everyone, including the teachers themselves and the parents of our students. Every child deserves this experience of education and it is our responsibility to create the environment in which it can happen.

Schools should be exciting places for children both young and old. Rather than using recess and lunchtime to escape the boredom of the classroom, students should be so invigorated by their learning experiences that creativity, collaboration and innovation should spill onto the school yard so that each child has a passion to pursue an exciting purpose filled life beyond school. A life in which they can use the skills they have learned in school to serve others and build a life that is enriching and rewarding and one day make the bold statement, "I was born to do this!"

It is my dream that every student who passes through our school should find that future place. That place where they are in their element and know within themselves that they are doing something with their life that means something. Not just to themselves but to others too. Every teacher at Discovery Christian College has a passion to be part of the process whereby young lives are transformed into purposeful participants in our world. Although it doesn’t always go to plan, it is important that teachers, students, parents and community members keep working together to give every child the best possible chance to follow their dreams.

Damian Higgins, Principal

Canteen Volunteers Needed

Our fortnightly Friday Hot lunch has been hugely popular since it started and we are so thankful for the volunteers from our parent community who give so much to make this a possibility. We do, however, need more help.

If you are willing to spare a couple of hours on a Friday morning every fortnight to help with the preparation and serving of food to our hungry students, we would love to hear from you. We are hopeful that one day this will grow into a thriving canteen service.

As always, it is a pleasure to be part of such a great community of people and my prayer is that we will continue to work together to build an enriching environment of learning for everyone.

Principal's Special Commendation

Alexis FirthAbbie BoyceRachelle Pearce

In this new newsletter segment, I would like to draw our readers attention to selected students who are worthy of a special mention. This week I would like to award the Principal’s special commendation to three of our outstanding students.

Congratulations to Alexis Firth, Abbie Boyce and Rachelle Pearce for their all round effort, attitude and achievement in every aspect of school life. These three students do themsleves, their parents and the DCC uniform proud. Congratulations!

National Tree Planting Day

On Thursday, 27 July, the students from Years 2-6 went on a walking excursion to Agnes Water Main Beach to be involved in a National Tree Planting Day event. This is the second year the primary students have been involved in the event run by the Gladstone Regional Council.

Students worked in small groups and participated enthusiastically in revegetating the sand dunes with native saplings, vines and grasses. Once the children planted their native plant in the ground they were able to name it. Next time you visit the beach look out for a plant with a bright orange or blue tag, it might grow into a tree that provides stability for the dunes and shade for people in the future.

2017 Pet Day

Pet Day

On Friday 21st July, the Primary Students came to school all talking about Pet Day. The day kicked off with each Class introducing their pets. There were a range of different creatures like dogs, cats, birds, chickens and even a bearded dragon.

Next we played Farmer Sam and 10 Legs. In Farmer Sam, some people and pets did well and made it through while others got caught. Farmer Sam was probably my favourite game of the day. Pet Day was very exciting but as the morning was almost over and schoolwork called, everyone said good-bye to their pets and went back to class waiting for next year's pet day.

By Bodi Billington

BDSSS Secondary Athletics

BDSSS Secondary Athletics

Mon 24th and Tues 26th July, DCC sent a number of students to participate at Bundaberg.

I would personally like to thank all those who came and competed in many events across the carnival.

  • Charlie Bradley-Tasser
  • Charlie Hudson
  • Connor Yeats
  • Kaden Winzar
  • Brandon Hansen
  • Elliot Higgins
  • Jackson Horley
  • Brock Taylor
  • Jakob Wardlaw
  • Chloe Gilbert
  • Alana Agostini
  • Abigail Boyce
  • Uma Brennan
  • Kennedee Millar
  • Pixi Kallas
  • Kaylee Boyce

BDSSS Secondary Athletics

Special mention to:

  • Connor Yeats - 5th in the 100m final, jumping 1.4m in high jump
  • Charlie BT - jumping 1.4m in high jump, did a very good 400m race
  • Pixi Kallas – 3rd in the 1500m and 800m
  • Brandon Hansen – jumping 1.5m in high jump
  • Uma Brennan – 3rd in her 1500m race, 4th in the 100m final, ran very well in the 400 and 200m races
  • Charlie Hudson – 3rd in the 100m final, 5th in javelin, and a strong run in the 400m

(Sorry if I missed any events – busy days)

Mr Parsons

Earn and Learn Programme

Earn and Learn Programme

We are taking part in the Woolworths Earn and Learn programme again this year, which is really exciting! We have previously been able to ‘earn’ various books, resources and educational posters for the Science Lab, Library and primary classrooms.

Our school’s collection box is positioned out the front of the Woolworths store in the Hinkler Shopping centre in Bundaberg. You may place your stickers in there or you can return them to the school office. Please place them in an envelope or on one of the sticker sheets. Sheets were sent home on Friday afternoon with the primary school students and others are available in the front office.

Please note that you don't need to fill up your sheet before bringing it in.

Thanks for supporting this endeavour and happy collecting!

Melissa Philpot
P&F President

Year 12 Formal Fundraising

It’s very exciting for DCC to be organising our very first Year 12 Formal, which will be a fabulous event. There are lots of fundraising events, preparations and planning happening. The kids have done sausage sizzles, soup days, the trivia night and have lots of fun formal fundraising ideas and events happening.

Thankyou to everyone for their support and also a big thankyou to the Year 12 kids and their parents. Also a special thankyou to Ms Forsyth for bringing everything together and making this happen.

Technology News

As our planning for next year gains momentum, one new initiative that we are looking to implement in 2018 is a "ONE TO ONE" Laptop Program. This will involve all secondary students having their own laptop.

We are currently working with technology suppliers to source a suitable, good quality and affordable device that will be provided to each secondary student under a lease agreement over a two to three year period. This will ensure that parents will not be unduly financially burdened and at the end of the 3 years, have the option to keep the device and upgrade for the next three years. More details to follow on this exciting new program.

Heart for Learning Awards

Heart for Learning

Heart for Learning

Prep/Year 1 Class


The first couple of weeks in our Prep/Year One class were jam packed with activities and excitement. The Prep students started with their very first spelling tests. We even use play dough to help us practise and prepare for our tests on a Friday.

Our Veggie garden is proudly showing off some new plants that we eagerly planted with Mr Young. Now we just have to remember to water it often enough.

In English we listened to the story, 'The Magic Hat' by Mem Fox. We used our imagination to write what we would like to turn into, if the magic hat landed on our heads.

It was very exciting to meet our local firefighters and learn more about the necessary things to do when we are in a dangerous situation. Each and everyone (even the teachers) had a chance to spray water with the firehose.

DCC Athletics 2017

DCC Athletics 2017

On the 14th and 16th June DCC students were involved in their inter-house Athletic Carnival. Students ran, jumped, threw, sweated, cheered and made the whole event very successful. Special mention to the following age champions who competed across many events to gain their awards:

Year Boy's Champion Girl's Champion
10 yrs Eli McKay Edith Clifton
11 yrs Jonathan Higgins Piper Philpot
12 yrs Dylan Agostini Pixi Kallas
13 yrs Connor Yeats Chloe Gilbert
14 yrs Alki Kallas Ella Rupp
15 yrs Mason gates Alana Agostini
16 yrs Court Weir Abigail Boyce
Opens Elliot Higgins Uma Brennan

House Points

Place House Pointa
1st Musgrave 4,848
2nd Keppell 4,734
3rd Heron 4,308
4th Elliot 3,642

Book Fair and Book Week 14th-18th August

Book Fair

We are very excited to be to be presenting Book Fair and Book Week all in one fun filled week. There will be activities, a crazy hair day, and the all important Character Parade. Parents will also be able to come to the fair, share a tea or coffee, and have the opportunity to purchase books. (See important dates for details)

The theme for book week is 'Escape to Everywhere'. On Friday 18th August the Character Parade will be happening so come dressed as a favourite book character or something to fit the theme. There will be loads of activities for the students in the library each lunchtime throughout the week and we are encouraging all the students to take part.

Our School Goal for Book Fair is to raise money for new books in our library and ultimately for our students to develop a greater love for reading. Our aim is to sell $500 of books, so make the most of this opportunity to stock up on books for your children.

To make this a really enjoyable and wonderful week for the children we need volunteers to help, even if it is just an hour or two. Your time would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Mrs Philpot or Mrs O’Sullivan if you are able to help out.

Book Fair

DCC 2017 Chess Tournament

Chess Tournament

Term 3 welcomes the annual DCC Inter-House Chess Tournament and this year we have so many participants that we've had to run it across two days! This year the primary and secondary students will play in their own tournaments, which will compete over a duration of six weeks.

Under tournament rules students have 20 minutes to try to get their opponent in check mate. If a definitive outcome is not determined within the game time a winner is decided on based around a combination of material and position i.e. the total value of each player's captured pieces is used to help determine the winner, or if a checkmate based on best play for both sides is easily apparent, then that player will win.

Games are held in GLA2 during lunchtimes; primary students on Tuesdays, while secondary games are played on Thursdays. Quiet spectators are welcome to come along and watch!

For anyone interested in being involved in more chess Bundaberg Chess Club is holding Sunday Tournaments for Children on the following dates: 20 August, 29 October, and 26 November. For more information phone the club secretary on 0417 073 094.

Primary Diary Art Competition

School Diary Art Competition

Each year the publishers of our school diaries, Openbook Howden, runs the "Your School Diary Primary Art Competition" and hundreds of entries are received from primary students all around Australia.

Special congratulations to Mia van Niekerk for receiving an Honourable Mention for her entry. Mia's artwork will be featured on the back cover of the 2018 diary, with a special mention inside the front cover. Well done Mia on some beautiful work!