14 September 2017


Important Dates

2/10Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
3/10Term 4 Commences
4/10-5/10Parent -Teacher Interviews (Prep – Year 12)
12/10School Play
14/102/3/4 Class Camp Out
16/10Student Free Day
18/10-20/10Year 5/6 Camp
24/10Year 10 Vaccinations
27/10Day for Daniel
30/10Prep Transition Morning
2/11Year 11 Hospitality Dinner
6/11-10/11Year 12 Exam Week

Late Arrivals and
Early Collection of Students

Please be vigilant and remind your children if they are arriving to school late that they must come into the office and sign in for the day.

Also, if you are to collect your child early from school, please come straight to the office and sign your child out. This is a matter of safety, as we need to ensure that we have accounted for every student on campus at all times.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

Message from the Principal

Damian Higgins, Principal

As we draw towards the end of another busy term, I am becoming increasingly aware of how close our pioneering year 12 students are to the end of their formal education. Last week our senior OP students completed the Queensland Core Skills tests which plays a big part in the calculation of theses students’ final OP achievement. Next term, the students will be completing their final subject assessments and once these are out of the way it will be time to relax and enjoy the final stages of their time here at DCC. Their final week will be packed full of memorable activities culminating in the Year 12 formal dinner at the 1770 Golf Club. This promises to be a major event not just for the students but for the whole town. A big thanks to all the parents and teachers who have put so much effort into making this a special occasion. I am very much looking forward to it.

Once again this year, we invited Agnes Water State School over to our campus to enjoy the annual Soccer Gala. We were also delighted that students from Wartburg State School also joined us for a great afternoon of 5-a side soccer. Numerous parents joined us and the afternoon was made all the more enjoyable with our P&F providing a delicious selection of food to fuel our enthusiastic soccer players.

There is much more on the horizon as we move into a well-earned two week break. Our primary precinct will begin construction next term and this will be a major development in our school history as we provide our primary students with their own brand new learning spaces and at the same time create more space for our rapidly growing secondary school.

If you would like to see our plans for the future of the school, please don’t hesitate to drop in to the college office and ask.

Please make sure you all have a relaxing end of term break and I look forward to seeing you all back in Term 4.

God bless,
Damian Higgins, Principal
Damian Higgins, Principal

Please Note

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Please note that the Second Hand Uniform Shop is available every Monday morning from 8.20am.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher interviews have been scheduled for
Week 1 of Term 4.

Year 11 Marine Science Camp

Marine Science

An important part of Marine Science is the fieldwork and our year 11 students have been blessed to conduct their major field investigation on the stunning Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Recently we travelled to Great Keppel Island for four amazing days of snorkelling, paddling, walking, swimming and fishing. The marine life that the students were able to observe and interact with was stunning. Some of the animals the students observed included massive Brain Corals, Turtles, Dolphins, Reef Sharks and an abundance of other bright and colourful fish.

The data collected was of a very high standard and will provide a great basis for the students to analyse and report on, which is their major assessment for this term.

A HUGE thank you to Mel Small for accompanying us on this adventure, these trips wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of our parent volunteers!

Friday Fun Day with Mrs Botha

Friday Fun Day

Our Junior Primary classes commenced a Friday Fun Day program, this term. Each Friday between 10 am and recess we are running a rotation of activities using guidelines of fun, creativity, exploration and learning, covering all areas of the curriculum. Teachers assist in directing, engaging and developing team building relationships with children from P-3. The stations will provide opportunities for art/craft, construction, imaginative play, nature play, brain challenges, many sensory activities and more.

We would like to ask for old dress-up items, that we could definitely make use of, if you no longer need them.

Year 9 Kayak Expedition

Year 9 Kayak

This year the year 9 camp took us on a journey that seemed like something out of a survivor episode, but the year nine cohort was up for the challenge. Leaving from 1770 by lark we arrived at Eurimbula to meet our awesome guides and begin our expedition to the mouth of Pancake creek. Although the 17 kilometre paddle starting at 5 am was tough, all of our kids got through it singing and smiling. The following days involved beautiful weather, some awesome sights, a tour through the lighthouse, and surprisingly well prepared meals by our students. But it was not all fun and games. Students had to endure plummeting temperatures (some without the right clothing), attacks from fierce creatures (sand flies and rodents), and the ancient battle between man and fish (and man and mussel).

Our year nine cohort proved to be resourceful, well mannered, and a positive group of students all the way through the washing up, setting up and packing down camp, cleaning down the kayaks, and the long days of paddling. They thrived as a group and are a great example of the students here at DCC.

We should mention a big thank you to Vicki who gave up her week with her family to help out on camp, the amazing instructors, our camp Co-ordinator Mr Osbourne, and the parents of these kids for creating an opportunity for our students to push their limits and really come together as a group.

Mr Jones

A Student’s View of the Year 9 Kayak Expedition

Year 9 Kayak

Kayaking for 20 or so kilometres with a bunch of whiny teens over five days with no internet escape. FUN. That's what I thought. I was a negative Nancy, but I was soon eating my words...

On the first day, we enjoyed an entertaining and informative boat-drive by the local LARC to the mouth of middle creek. This is where we first set up our camp and tested out our culinary skills by NOT poisoning our Homeroom teacher, Mr Jones. After two hours of self-guided Spotlight (a 'hide and seek' game) we turned in for a hot and restless night.

Waking before the sun was not something I appreciated. And neither was abandoning my bulky bag for black garbage bins, in hopes of squeezing my much-need stuff into my Kayak's compartment. My kayaking companion for that day, and the whole camp, was Caitlyn Mattner. She suffered, alongside many of the class, from a thing called my-legs-are-too-long-for-the-kayak.

But we survived… all of us!

Against rival tides, blaring sun, annoying but enjoyable riddles and rhymes from our Kayaking instructors. We survived...the second day.

Wednesday was cold. But despite my protesting limbs who longed for a sleep in, my internal clock jolted me awake. Kyrim Pearce's loud announcement of 'Gonna go fish' had, totally, nothing to do with it. Bored and still not awake I decide to do the rational thing at six or seven AM, at minus fifty-zillion degrees...that's right—CANON BALL!

How could I not? The water was crystal clear, like in the ads on TV, and coral, fish, sea cucumber and crustacean were a plenty. It was beautiful and my most favourite moment. Friends either fishing, lounging or bobbing in the water with me. All smiling and all happy.


We got a tour of the lighthouse too... After a hike up the mountain that it sat on. We reunited with Mia Swan and Liana Cooper who couldn't come to camp. We ate lunch with a view, serenaded by whales.

We enjoyed an afternoon tea of mussels collected by Amelia McKay, Ethan Lowe, Caitlyn Mattner, Kyrim Pearce and myself. The next day saw us off leisurely down another creek. We rafted (joined the kayaks with arms) for morning tea, and were treated with Alki Kallas' kayak catwalk show. We reached our destination soon after a windless attempt at sailing. On land, the boys went hunting, returning with an armchair and a couch cushion. Yes, an armchair.

We buried Noah Mischke, Rowan Brennan and Alki waist deep and reshaped them into the Kadashians. Alki then caught two fish, out doing Mr Jones with one. On the same night, we greeted an orange moon with hot coco.

Friday. The final stretch.

Paddling was eventful! We saw dolphins and got beached half a dozen times due to low tides. Passing time meant screaming—ahem, singing—well known pop songs (like the night before when we were cleaning pots). After chanting Tay Tay Swifty songs with Thorn Horwell, we reached the first camping site.

Nostalgia sets in as we clean the kayaks and prepare to depart.

Departure wasn't uneventful, nope—tides came in meaning we waddled in chest (for some) high waters then hoped on the LARC. Our camp was incredible. One full of memories of Mr Jones at five AM, unbreakable bonds formed over brushing teeth at nine PM and gratitude for running water and flushing toilets. I made it back with all ten fingers and ten toes and a smile to say:

That was the best camp ever!

By Jammy Maneesut

Challenge Day


Every term DCC takes part in an "Academic Tetra-Olympiad" which provides a fun way for schools within our region to network and have some light-hearted competition. The third round of the Olympiad was a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Challenge which held on Tuesday, 29 August at the Miriam Vale Community Hall and was hosted by the Miriam Vale State School.

DCC was represented by 6 teams of 4 students ranging from Year 4 to Year 8. We competed against students from 6 other schools in the region: Agnes Water State School, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Rosedale, Wartburg and Bororen State School.

Two challenges were set for the day; one was to build a contraption that could launch a pom-pom the furthest distance using a box, paddle-pop sticks, sticky tape, rubber bands, a balloon, a plastic cup and a bottle top. The second challenge was to build a free standing tower as high as possible with only marshmallows and spaghetti sticks.

At the end of the day DCC scored first place overall in both the senior primary and secondary divisions and came second overall on aggregate (total points scored divided by the number of students at school). All our teams performed very well and worked together effectively with great results.

Book Week and
Book Fair Fun

Book Week

Book Week went off without a hitch. The children enjoyed the activities in the library during breaks, and the Preps and Year One's enjoyed 'story time' each lunch time. Our total sales was $1261.55 which gave the school $378.45 in books from the Fair. Congratulations to all parents and student as this was a fantastic effort.

The week culminated with a Character Dress-up day where staff and students went all out to take on the persona of their favourite character.

Hopefully, the impact of Book Week will be noticed through the students developing an affection for books and reading which in turn creates a passion for life-long learning.

"Yarn’n’about Mental Health" with Chappy Beth

We are 'Yarn'n 'about Mental Health this year. The Primary school students are busy making yarn creations that will be used in the second week of term 4 to promote Mental Health week.

If there are any parents/carers who would like to be involved in crocheting, finger knitting, French knitting, wrapped Yarns or making pom poms please contact Chappy Beth at school via the office or phone 0403 222 495.

Tennis Report


On Friday the 11th August, a team of primary school boys represented Discovery Christian College at the Wide Bay Tennis Tournament held in Bundaberg. The team consisted of Jonathan, Tyler, Michael and Elijah. Each player played a single game and doubles game against each other team.

The first team we played was a school from Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay was a strong team with experienced players and our boys went down 6 sets to 0 sets.

The second team we played was Agnes Water Team 1 and the score was 5 sets to 1 set to Agnes Water.

For the final matches we came up against Agnes Water Team 2 where we managed to win 2 sets to their 4 sets. It was great to see each player improve immensely with each game they played, especially with serves. Another great aspect of the day was the boys learning to score their games. It was great to see the boys showing great sportsmanship on the day towards the other schools as well as players on their team. Here is a recount of the day by Jonathan Higgins.

On Friday, Tyler, Michael, Elijah and I plus the allocated players from Agnes Water State School went on a bus to play tennis in Bundaberg. When we got there, another school from Hervey Bay was there. When we got to the matches unfortunately I didn’t win any games in singles. In doubles I was in a team with Tyler, once again I didn’t win a match. On the bright side my friends and I all enjoyed it. On the bus trip home we stopped at IGA I got some soft drinks and Skittles to share with my friends.

Mrs Karen Hall

Netball Finals

Our open netball team came fourth in the BDSSS Wednesday afternoon competition and therefore made the finals. We travelled to Bundaberg on Thursday the 31st August to compete. Our team consisted of Jessica, Nakiya, Eloise, Alexis, Isabelle, Pixi and Breanna.

Our first game was against Gin Gin State High School, who were the winners of the Wednesday competition. They had a strong team and our girls lost 35-1.

Our second game was against ISIS State High School, where we unfortunately lost 31-1. The girls played exceptionally well given we had no subs and players were required to play in positions that they didn’t normally play in. A special mention needs to go to our junior players that played in the open division each week, as we didn’t have enough players to make a junior team this year. The girls showed great sportsmanship on the court towards the other teams and to each other. It was great to hear them shout out encouragement and cheer when we got our goals.

Thank you to Mrs Philpot who travelled with us to the finals to help score, cheer the girls on and take photographs on the day. It was also great to have parents and siblings come along and support us as well.

Finally, thank you to all the other girls that played some games of netball during the session that meant we could make it to the finals.

Mrs Karen Hall