12 March 2018


Important Dates

19/03House Touch Carnival
20/03-23/03Year 7 Camp
27/03-28/03Parent-Teacher Interviews
29/03Primary Easter Celebrations

Easter Bonnet Parade

Our annual Easter Bonnet Parade will be held during our Primary Easter Celebration Day on Thursday the 29th of March starting at 9am.

All Primary students are invited to participate in the parade (bonnets to be made at home). There will also be an open section for friends and family who would like to enter their own bonnets. There will be great prizes to be won, and lots of fun to be had. So please come and join in with our celebration.

Message from the Principal

Sean Greenacre, PrincipalHere we are close to the end of the first term of 2018. I trust that it has been rewarding for you and your family. As the new principal of the College it has been my pleasure to begin to get to know the students, parents, staff and community of DCC. I have felt most welcome at school and in the community of Agnes Water / 1770.

An important aspect of any community is the effectiveness of clear, concise and timely communication. You may remember Australia's number one tennis duo of Mark Woodforde and Todd Woodbridge – the 'Woodies'. Although they were very good tennis players in their own right, they were better as a doubles tennis team with each pocketing over $8 million in prize money during their careers.

What was their secret of success? Communication! After every single point they would give each other feedback whether positive or not. They adjusted their game based on this feedback. In my time at DCC I have desired to improve our communication with all members of the community. We use our College App, website, Facebook, SEQTA, emails, letters, this newsletter, phone calls, parent meetings, BBQs, morning teas and face to face meetings. We want to continue to connect with you in the education of your children.

So just like the 'Woodies' please continue to converse with us so that we can adjust our game plan and improve what we do here at DCC.

God bless,

Sean Greenacre

Library News

Library borrowing has begun for our primary students. Library day is on a Thursday. Please help your child remember to bring their Library book back each Thursday, so they can swap it for a new book. Students will be using their homework folder as a library bag so please ensure this is at school each Thursday as students won't be able to borrow without it.

Remember, Issue 2 of Scholastic Book Club is due back on the 13th March 2018 to ensure orders will be back before the holidays. I encourage when ordering to register for LOOP on and as a bonus you will receive special offers to your inbox!

Keep reading!

Mrs Karen Hall

Swimming Carnival

2018 Swimming Carnival Awards

Special thanks go to the following students for their amazing efforts at the swimming carnival. It was a beautiful day that enabled many students to participate across multiple races. Thank you staff and parent helpers for making the day run very smoothly. Many ribbons were won and we appreciated the House spirit shown during the day.

Year Student
10s Tegan Percy-Hughes
Anais Law
Boz Palmieri
11s Edith Clifton
Levi Luttrell
12s Felix Law
Hayley Holmberg
Zachary Klicker
13s Bodi Billington
Piper Schultz
Nathan Gilbert
14s Charlie Bradley-Tasser
Ebony Cooper
Brahe Fletcher
15s Mietta Coles
Ali Dinte
Jachin Luttrell
Open Brayden Pearce (17s)
Jade Gordon (18s)
Abigail Bellchambers (17s)
Xante Botha (17s)
Thorn Horwell (16s)

House Award

House Raw Scores % House Winner
Keppell 1st (153) 1st (3.92)
Elliot 2nd (143) 2nd (3.54)
Musgrave 3rd (117) 3rd (2.75)
Heron 4th (81) 4th (2.03)

Year 7 Science

Year 7 Science

About 80 per cent of invertebrates are arthropods. The Year 7 Science students collected some specimens from the school yard. The diversity that was discovered was delightful! The students had a closer look at various creeping, crawling and hopping arthropods under the microscope. "If only they would keep still, I could draw them!"

Year 7 Science

Year 8 Science

Year 8 Science

The Year 8 students examined the reproductive structures of flowering plants during science class. Most flowers are hermaphrodites having both male and female parts. Pollination occurs when pollen enters the ovule of a flower. After fertilisation has occurred the ovule develops into a seed, and in some cases form fruit.

Big Boards and Small Waves

DSA Surfers Show Their Versatility


The 20th anniversary Reef2Beach Longboard Classic took place in Agnes Water on the 1st to the 4th of March. Some of the country's best long boarders converged on Agnes Water Main Beach to take part in this iconic event.

Despite small waves, the conditions were otherwise beautiful. It was great to see such a range of surfers of different ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate longboard surfing in all its forms.

Not long after excelling in the Wide Bay Selection Trials, many of the Discovery Surfing Academy members were back in action surfing their longboards in a range of events. There were so many fantastic performances it's hard to narrow it down. Archi Doble made the finals in both Juniors and Open Men's, Alki Kallas also made finals in Juniors and won the Retro Division. Luca Doble won most improved for the whole event after taking out the North of Fraser Open Women's and making the Finals in Open Women's along with Paris Ryan.

On Friday, the students of DSA were treated to a guest coaching session from multiple winner of the event and Australian Champ, Damian Coulter. For several of the DSA students their competitive paths will cross again in the Noosa Festival Surfing beginning the 10th of March.

James Osborne
Head of Student Development
Coordinator of Discovery Surfing Academy

Primary Leadership Conference

Primary Leadership

At the beginning of this term, our Primary leaders were fortunate enough to attend the GRIP Leadership conference. They completed a range of activities and presentations which will help prepare our Primary leaders for their roles throughout the year. Strategies and attitudes were a large focus, helping the children to transform their thinking and approach towards the roles they are in and the opportunities that may arise. We look forward to seeing them working together to bring about continued positive change in our community.

Primary Leadership

Sports for Schools

We are collecting the Coles Sports for Schools vouchers so we can receive more sports gear for our school.

Sports for School

How does it work?

  1. For every $10 spent at Coles, customers will receive one Sports for Schools voucher.
  2. When shopping online select Discovery Christian College, to receive electronic vouchers.
  3. Or bring your vouchers to school and place in the collection bin located in the office. Don't forget to ask your Relatives or neighbours for any vouchers.
  4. Every voucher received will go towards our tally. We will then be able to order sports equipment to the value of our vouchers.

Voucher collection is from 7th February to 3rd April.

Join the race and start collecting vouchers!

Mrs Karen Hall

PE Teacher

Sports for School

Fun Friday

Fun Friday

During the first three week rotation of our Fun Friday program, the Prep/Year 1 and Year 2/3 class participated in Craft activities, constructing something that can move and a Sandcastle challenge.

Learning Is Fun in Year 4/5

Learning Is Fun

Year 4/5 have been investigating light and shadows. The students discovered that light travels in a straight line, and had to shine a torch through three holes in cards on to a wall. Afterwards they experimented with shadow puppets and learnt how shadows change depending on the angle of the light or obstruction.

Years 4, 5 and 6 have been participating in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) on Friday afternoons. For the past two weeks they have built a bridge out of spaghetti and Mr Mudie tested it with marbles. However, the bridges were too strong, so instead we tested it with Bibles! Congratulations to Ava, Beau, Henry and Wil, winners of the 'Ultimate Bridge Competition'.

Leadership Camp 2018

Leadership Camp

We were fortunate to begin our three day adventurous camp, by stepping off the bus and into a strange, and technologically barren part of the world. Our first day of camp was a real test to see whether we trusted each other and communicated efficiently. Everyone was attached by a thin rope, as we all ventured to the top of a tremendously tall pine tree. The view was definitely worth all the sweat and tears (caused by a few leaders making the climb a real "challenge").

Day two we found ourselves attached to a rope again, but this time we were higher and completely alone, fully depending on ourselves and our communication with a partner on the ground checking our carabiners to make it.

Day three we had to put our full trust in the instructors (that we had only known for a few day's), as we lept from a tiny platform up high in a tree hoping they would catch us. A daring few students even went blindfolded. All in all we learnt so much about each other including the leadership capability that we all had inside of ourselves.

By Xanthe Botha and Larni Burns

Year 6

Year 6

Year 6 has been able to take on some challenging tasks and demonstrate pleasing application and success throughout this first term. Times tables have been improving at a rapid rate. Some students have successfully conquered the one to 12 times tables and are now working up through to their 22 times tables.

Several group activities have enabled skills such as cooperation, compromise and communication to be practised. We have continued building upon the foundation laid last year through the Lego Education program. Students work in small groups, read directions and follow instructions to create a working model. There is constant re-evaluation and problem solving to ensure the correct outcome is obtained.

Combined with the 4/5 class, the Year 6's have also enjoyed tackling some construction challenges in STEAM lessons. Whether creating an oven to melt chocolate or a bridge out of spaghetti and tape, communication, planning and implementation of ideas is constantly taking place. The students then spend time evaluating the success of their work and identifying areas for future improvement.

There have been many impressive individual achievements during the first few weeks of the year. We look forward to seeing continued persistence, unrelenting and reaching for further success as the year progresses.

Year 6