23 May 2018

Message from the Principal

Sean Greenacre, PrincipalIn my role as principal I have the honour to serve our school community. I do not take this responsibility lightly and am working hard behind the scenes to see that our community is a harmonious one in which we learn and grow together. Sometimes harmony is disrupted and a breakdown in relationship occurs. In the Bible, Galatians 6:1, it says "My friends, if someone is caught in any kind of wrongdoing, those of you who are spiritual should set him right; but you must do it in a gentle way. And keep an eye on yourselves, so that you will not be tempted, too."

So, what is this saying to us? When conflict arises, our goal ought to be to make things right. Sometimes we may not be humanly able to get past the hurt and don’t really want to restore the relationship. Gently restoring others is all about how we speak to the other person in our conflict. How we seek to engage them in the process of restoring our relationship. Even to share with them the actions or words that hurt us and that they should not continue! To restore them to a better code of behaviour. Often, it’s our natural first reaction in a conflict, to point out the problem the other party has in causing my distress and our conflict.

But we have learnt it’s not the first thing to do, it must be the second, or even third, or perhaps even fourth thing I do. I must first be real about myself and look at the log in my own eye, then I must apologise to the other party, admitting specifically, acknowledging hurt, accepting the consequences and altering my behaviour, and then, thirdly, I must ask them to forgive me.

I encourage all of us in our relationships at school, home and workplaces to be quick to listen and slow to speak. Let’s continue to be peacemakers even though it can be challenging at times.

God bless,

Sean Greenacre

On the Hunt
for Water

Year 2-3

This term Year 2/3 are investigating where water comes from, how we use it and what can we do to use it more responsibly. On Friday afternoon, armed with maps of the school, students went on a water source hunt throughout the school.

First, they had made predictions of where they thought water would be found. Then they enjoyed wandering around the school grounds locating and highlighting on their own school maps what water source were located and where it was on the map. This hands on, learning experience defiantly sparked great interest and enthusiasm as we took Science and Maths beyond the classroom walls!

Council Meeting at Rosedale

Council Meeting

On Tuesday the 1st of May Years 4, 5 and 6 were invited to sit in on a Gladstone Regional Council meeting, held in Rosedale, rather than Gladstone.

We sat in the Rosedale Memorial Hall and were able to witness how the members discussed and passed various items. Questions were raised and clarification sought on different issues.

We were given opportunity after the General Meeting to ask any questions we might have had. The topics brought up included a wide range of issues such as animal pounds and playgrounds, football and fencing, cinemas and speed limits. The responses helped us to understand the various roles of the council, the guidelines they need to work under but also their investment in our town.

Some children are now inspired to continue to serve in our community with different projects or issues they raised with the council. Maybe we have a future mayor in our midst…

DCC Cross Country 2018

Cross Country

Wednesday 18th April was a beautiful sunny day for our cross country. 124 students ran (and walked) across the DCC course with many ribbons being awarded on the day. A big thank you for students who participated, staff and parents who made the event run smoothly and parent helpers with their very successful BBQ.

Top Three Places for Each Age Group

Age 1st 2nd 3rd
5/6s Isla L
Caleb H
Jacob M
Eleeysa E
Fletcher H
Sapphire E
7s Charlotte F
Marco vN
Mathilda L
Reef H
Harry PH
8/9s Mia vN
Jonah O
Chilli R
Jacob H
Seth E
Boone M
10s Anais L
Boz P
Lucy F
Henry H
Eva G
11s Ava M
Eli Mc
Danielle H
Michael B
Edith C
Jonah F
12s Shayla T
Eli G
Halle H
Felix L
Hayley H
Wil D
13s Pixi K
Jackson H
Bodi B
Joshua Y
Tayla F
Ben L
14s Luca D
Lachlan H
Anisha M
Jakob W
Ebony C
Connor S
15s Amelia F
Alki K
Liana C
Jachin L
Kimberly B
Rowan B
16s Erin H
Thorn H
Rose M
Kyrim P
Alana A
Brandon H
Open Uma B
Reyce H
Aurora T
Archi D
Paris R
Brayden P

Cross Country

DCC House Championship (2018)

Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Swimming Keppel Musgrave Elliot Heron
Cross Country Musgrave Elliot Keppel Heron

Special mention to Eli Greenacre who has qualified to go to the Cross Country Wide Bay Trials at the end of May.

DCC sport now looks towards our athletics carnival being held in Week 9 this term. So, students keep training.

We encourage families to support Agnes Water 1770 Little Athletics for further training support held every Saturday from 9 to 11 am.

Call Mel Cooper 0408 808 179 for information.

Discovery Surfing Academy News


Term 2 kicked off with a great run of swell to keep the DSA students frothing! Training has stepped up a notch as we build towards our biggest ever contingent of surfers heading to Tallebudgera to contest the QLD State School Surfing Titles in August.

Early in May we also ran our first intensive training weekend with Surfing Super Coach Martin Dunn, coming up from Northern NSW. The aim of the weekend was to really focus on the improving of individual students’ surfing technique. Martin has coached many previous champion professional surfers and currently is coaching some the world’s best male and female surfers. As a former head coach for both team Australia and Peru in the ISA world championships, Martin has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience and it was an absolute privilege to have him invest some of this into our young surfing team.

We would like to give a big thankyou to Shutters on the Beach for hosting Martin during his stay here in Agnes and of course our Head Coach, Grom Mellick and his coaches Sam and Matt for giving up some of their weekend to help make this weekend happen!

This term we are starting to bring in more video analysis to help students to really refine their surfing and also some new simulation surfing training on skateboards, thanks to the generous sponsorship from Smooth Star Skateboards and Reef2Beach Surf Shop.

We would also like to thank Holidays Café for their continued support and nourishment for our students.

Three of our DSA students were very excited to be competing at the Queensland Longboard Titles at Noosa recently. Archi Doble, Luca Doble and Paris Ryan all competed with enthusiasm and skill. Luca dominated her category and is now the reigning Queensland Champion for Under 18 Girls. Well done Luca! Archi made the finals against tough competitors and came 4th in Queensland and Paris surfed her best competition surfing to date.

If you would like to know more about getting involved in our Surfing Academy please don’t hesitate to contact me here at the College.

Mr James Osborne
DSA Coordinator

Discovery Christian College’s AFL Champions!


Uma Brennan and Mason Gates have achieved some phenomenal success being named in the U18 Queensland Squad. Both Mason and Uma have spent countless hours training, traveling, and competing all around the state and interstate as they pursue their AFL dreams. Making these squads of approximately thirty players is a fantastic achievement and we are very proud of them.

We are also really excited to see the next generation of AFL champions coming through our primary school under the careful guidance of Mr Shaun Stone, AFL Development Coordinator, Bundaberg.

Prep - Year 1


The Prep/Year One students enjoying some produce from their garden.

Mother's Day Lunch

Mothers Lunch

Mothers Lunch

Mothers Lunch

Manual Arts

Manual Arts

I don’t need to say more, our photos, models and proud students speak for itself.

I am very proud of every student although I only display a few photos, they did excellent work so far this year.

Mr Saayman

Year 12 Marine Science Fieldtrip - Moreton Bay

Year 12 Marine Science

The students who undertake Marine Science at DCC wait with baited breath each year for our major fieldtrip. This term the Year 12 class travelled down to Moreton Bay to spend three days working with Dr James Udy from Science Under Sail. James, an adjunct professor from QUT, splits his professional life between advising government and non-government agencies on all manner of marine environmental issues and educating people from all ages about marine environments and resource management.

After weeks of research and preparations, the students were ready to investigate the two key questions:

  • What are the impacts of the turbid and nutrient rich stormwater from Brisbane on the delicate and critically important seagrass meadows of Moreton Bay, and
  • How does marine park zoning impact fish populations?

To answer these questions, most of the students spent many hours snorkelling, and sampling the seagrass meadows and analysing sediment and water quality, whilst Archi set up Baited Underwater Remote Videos to observe fish populations at various locations around the Bay.

Despite the many hours of travelling, sailing and snorkelling, the students were very keen to make the most of all the opportunities presented to them, including participating in a PhD research project analysing dolphin acoustic signals and then taking part in the daily dolphin feeding at Tangalooma. One of the other highlights was a couple of snorkels through the Tangalooma wrecks that are home to an abundance of corals and fish and resident wobbegongs. The biggest highlight for myself was to help rescue two massive Green Sea Turtles that were tangled in a long-lost crab pot.

It was an amazing trip thoroughly enjoyed by all. I would really like to thank Mrs Hall for giving up her time to come along and helping out for the trip and also to Dr James Udy, and Katiya from Science Under Sail for providing such an amazing educational experience for our students.

Mr James Osborne
Marine Science Teacher

DNA - Year 10 Science

Year 10 Science

Life on earth is very diverse. However, for most living things DNA is the molecule that determines their characteristics. The Year 10 students are busy extracting DNA from strawberries. Extracting DNA is important as it can:

  • Determine genetic disorders in adults and infants
  • Identify the remains of the dead
  • Analyse genetic evidence from crime scenes and suspects.



Once again, this year Chappy Beth is facilitating the SHINE program with the Year 8 girls. The aim of the SHINE program is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to develop greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Jen Campbell one of our guest speakers teaching the girls about skin care.

Academic Triathlon

Academic Triathlon

On Monday the 12th of March, we entered five teams in the Mathematic round of the Academic Triathlon held at Agnes Water State School. Students were placed in teams in the following categories Junior Primary, Senior Primary and Secondary. Teams competed in four rounds of maths questions which consisted of two rounds of fast number facts and two rounds of problem solving. We received first place in all three categories. Congratulations to the following students who were in the winning teams:

Junior Primary: Lucy, Jonah, Tegan and Henry

Senior Primary: Edith, Jonah, Felix and Danielle

Secondary: Bodi, Rory, Angus and Eli

Well done to the following students who also competed in teams: Abi, Pixi, Chloe, Connor, Lara, Dylan, Nathan and Lachlan.

Mrs Karen Hall

Bundaberg Independent Christian Cup

On Thursday the 26th of April we embarked on the early bus journey to Bundaberg Christian College to play in a netball and touch footy competition. We entered a 5/6 Girls netball team, 5/6 Boys touch footy team and a middle years (Year 7) mixed touch footy team. The Year 5/6 students were very excited to put their training into practice and play in a competition. The Year 7 students were keen to build on their skill from the Wednesday Sport competition from Term 1.

The day was busy with each team playing at least two games before the final rounds. The netball girls lost their first game but spirits were lifted with a win in the second, however with a loss in their third game they didn’t progress to the finals. The 5/6 Boys touch team played exceptionally well, especially with no substitutes, and were undefeated going in to the finals. The 5/6 Boys beat Bayside in the final 4-1. The mixed touch footy team were off to a flying start winning their first game 12-0, they continued their winning streak and went to the final undefeated. They played Bayside in the final and lost 5-1.

The students had a fantastic day and left on a high, keen for the next sporting day. Well done to all the students who represented Discovery Christian College in such a positive way and congratulations on a great show of sportsmanship on the day.

Finally, thank you to Mr Mudie and Mrs Greenacre for your assistance in scoring, and umpiring on the day.

Mrs Karen Hall
PE Teacher

Year 7 Camp Testimonials

Year 7 Camp

Anticipation surrounded the DCC campus as the Year 7’s awaited the bus trip to QCCC Mapleton. The first day was full of excitement as we settled into our cabins. The first activity was group initiatives where we learned the value of team work and communication. Next, we went and set up tents for our camp out. That night some dozed and others didn’t get a blink of sleep. The second day was full of moaning and groaning as everyone’s shoes were wet and muddy. It started to pour as we climbed the flying fox and you could hear the happy screams for miles. Next, we packed up our tents and enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate.

The rain settled and the glider possum and low ropes were next.

Day three we started the day with a swim in the pool and we all enjoyed the water slides. The canoeing and giant swing came next. I think we were all surprised at the seconds of free fall on the giant swing.

On the fourth and final day our last two activities were archery and the rock wall. As we said our goodbyes we all knew we’d gained something valuable from camp, whether it was knowing someone better or conquering a fear.

Bodi Billington

Year 7 Camp

The first day of camp was a bit slow to start as the bus ride was five hours. Once we got to Mapleton we enjoyed team initiatives, ball games and camping.

Our second day was tipped to be even better than the first, with the flying fox, cooking with trangias, the glider possum and the low ropes course. Let’s just say that the second night everyone passed out from an intense day of fun.

The third day was probably the best for most of the class. The day began with a long swim in Mapleton’s sensational pool, followed by canoeing on Mapleton Lake. Then it was everyone’s favourite activity, the giant swing. Who knew being dropped from a thirteen-metre-high power pole would be so much fun?!

The last day at Mapleton (well half day really) was just as good as all the others, with two of the best activities of the week: archery and climbing wall. With archery everyone got an attempt to shoot at a moving target with some of the students actually hitting it. The climbing wall saw groups of three take turns in climbing and belaying.

The tired Year 7’s and the teachers relaxed through the long bus ride home, reflecting on an awesome camp.

A special thanks to Mapleton staff for providing delicious food and amazing activities.

Angus Clifton

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp was an excellent opportunity to push ourselves to the limit and step outside of our comfort zones. On day one, we did group activities which was a good time to learn about each other.

Day two and the flying fox showed us how tough, but good team work is.

Day three and it was the giant swing, this was the biggest challenge for me as I had to put a lot of faith in my team.

On day four we did archery and the wall climb. Archery was fun and relaxing compared to the other activities. The wall climb was also a lot of fun.

Lara Fletcher