11 September 2018

Message from the Principal


Sean Greenacre, PrincipalHave you ever been to a restaurant where a customer has been most upset, angry or even indignant about the food or poor service? Sometimes it can be really ugly to watch or if you are that person, then you may have feelings of overstepping the mark, even if you are justified in doing so. Have you heard about some of us thinking that the glass is half empty or half full or "What's this water? I ordered fries!" Thankfulness or gratitude is key in our thoughts about this. I am reminded often, usually by my wife, that I have so much to be thankful for.

After collating the results of multiple research studies, the Happier Human website lists 31 benefits of gratitude under five domains: emotional, social, career, health and personality. Some examples - gratitude:

  1. Makes us happier.
  2. Makes people like us.
  3. Improves our sleep.
  4. Helps us bounce back.
  5. Improves our decision making.

The Bible encourages to "give thanks in all circumstances..." (1 Thess. 5:8) As we head towards the end of this term, I encourage you to give thanks for all the learning, activities and people in our College community even if circumstances were not what you expected. Let's focus on what we do have, rather than what we don't. Be glass full and overflowing!

Warm regards,

Sean Greenacre

Please Note

Fishing Festival

Fishing Festival

Softball Signup

Softball Signup



Big Band Making a Big Bang

Big Band

The Discovery Big Band had a great day on Friday combining in our community hall with the Bundaberg Christian College Symphonic Band to practice and play together. It was an amazing experience for our instrumental students to play in a band of over 60 students. We rehearsed two completely new songs on the day and then performed them that afternoon at the concert. Our students worked really hard and were a great example of our students here at our College.

We would like to thank Discovery Café for catering the event with an amazing spread, the dolphin room at day care, our own Year 2 to 7's and the parents and friends that came to watch the concert.

It's been exciting watching our music program grow at our College and I look forward to even more students joining us next year!

"Sign up for instrumental music" will be happening early Term 4 so start thinking about which instrument you want to play!

Mr Luke Jones
Instrumental Teacher

Students up for a game of Tennis


This term, students from primary and secondary have had the opportunity to compete in tennis competitions. On Friday 27 July, sixteen students from Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 competed in the Red Ball Gala Day in Bundaberg. The competition was divided into two divisions, Division 1 is the more competitive competition for those wanting to qualify for the State Finals held at the Brisbane International. Division 2 is about encouraging participation, providing a fun, social playing experience and giving students the opportunity to represent their school in a team environment. Discovery entered a team in both divisions and although we didn't win, it was great to see the students out on the court having a go, learning new skills and displaying great sportsmanship.

A huge thank you to Mrs Franssen for assisting on the day and ensuring our budding tennis players were on the court ready to play for their games.

The Queensland Secondary School Team Tennis Competition was held 30 July in Bundaberg and Discovery entered a girls' (well, almost all girl's) team (Ali, Paige, Tayla and Eli) and a boys' team (Tom, Jack, Kaden and Alex). Although our teams didn't qualify through to the next round there was some great competition and sportsmanship displayed on the day by our players.

There was also lots of learning of tennis rules and how to do various shots in tennis during the bus ride in for our willing 'new to tennis' players.

Recently students from Year 4, 5 and 6 had the opportunity to compete in the Orange Ball (Levi, Anais, Beau and Edith) and Green Ball (Felix, Eli, Hayley, Michael and Tembi) Competition in Bundaberg. Even though we didn't place on the day students displayed excellent sportsmanship and encouragement towards each other. It was also great to see students attitude change from "I can't do it" when talking about serving to "I did it!"

Mrs Karen Hall
HPE Teacher

A Taste of the Future


The Year 12 students went to the Gladstone CQU Open Day on August 30 to look at courses and get a feel of how university will be. We had a look at stalls – which had a samples and information booklets of courses on offer. We also went on a campus tour where we had a look at all the buildings and what they were used for.

My favourite parts were all the free food, live music and the great atmosphere, because it was a great way to learn about what was on offer. It made it seem like everyone who worked there were happy and it was just a good environment.

We got a lot out of it, a sneak peak of uni life, a look at what the courses were and of course the free food. A big thank you to the school for taking us and Mrs Jones for taking the time to do this with us, and the Maccas run of course.

Brayden Pearce
Year 12 Student

Inventors in the Making


This term Year 2/3 were excited to discover that part of their classroom had been set up with various learning zones to help engage them in natural wonder and inquiry.

As students play, build and create with a variety of resources they are encouraged to think about what they notice and what they are wondering about. Which leads to natural inquiry questions that guide the continued learning experience throughout the term. Students have generated questions such as, 'Why does a boat not sink but float?', 'How does a slinky jump down the stairs?' and many more.

These inquiry questions have sparked research, learning and discovery about forces in motion, Push/Pull and gravity.

Now as a culminating learning experience, students have been given the exciting role of Toy Inventors and are to invent, design, plan and create a brand new toy. They will explain how their toy uses the various forces of motion and then present their new invention at the 'Toy Expo' in Week 10.

Let the inventing begin!

Mrs Lee Franssen
Year 2/3 Teacher

Life at Discovery Is Certainly Not Boring

This term, the Year 4/5 and the Year 6 classes joined together a few times a week and were introduced to some new subjects. These included learning Auslan, which is Australian Sign Language and also Bush Dancing. Another new subject they have been participating in is ICT which has involved using email, researching on the internet and more recently coding. Students have been learning the basics of coding and will continue to extend on their understanding and practice with coding throughout the rest of the year.

Mrs Kirsty Stone
Year 4/5 Teacher

Hangouts with Our Buddies


The Year 6 and Prep/Year 1 class have continued to enjoy a buddy program throughout the third term. Both classes look forward to time with their buddies each week.

Some time has been spent in helping the Prep/1 class with their Book Week display. Folding, cutting and decorating were skills we developed together. This helped to create a 3-dimensional town for the Prep/Year 1 class.

Reading time together has also been special. Taking turns to read or enjoying being read to, provides a valuable time for the Year 6's to model their sight reading and oral expression, while the younger students are exposed to new language and texts. We love our buddy time.

Mr Ben Mudie
Year 6 Teacher

Discovery District Athletics - Highschool Team

Bundaberg District Sport Finals

On Thursday 26 and Friday 27 July we sent 22 students from the high school to compete in the Bundaberg District Athletics competition. I was very proud with how our students competed against some very strong competition. It was a great experience and I was encouraged with the effort put in by our students. Special mention goes to:

Connor Yeats 1st Triple jump (10.85m)
2nd long jump (5.15m)
qualified for 200m final
4th 100m final
4th high jump (1.50m)
Ali Dinte made it into the 100m final
4th long jump (4.41m)
4th triple jump (9.69m)
Brahe Fletcher 2nd 100m final
2nd 200m final
Pixi Kallas 3rd 1500m
3rd 800m
5th 400m
Alki Kallas 3rd 800m
5th 400m
Chloe Gilbert 3rd high jump (1.30m)
Shayla Thompson made it into the 200m finals
Joshua Yeats 5th 400m
Charlie Bradley-Tasser 3rd 800m
Eli Greenacre 4th 1500m
Angus Clifton 5th shot put (9.58m)
Nathan Gilbert 5th javelin (22.12m)

Final % points have come through and Discovery came second overall for all schools based on our school numbers. So well done athletes for your hard word!

A huge Congratulations to Connor Yeats for also coming 1st in Triple Jump at Wide Bay Districts Athletics.

Mr Parsons
Sport Co-ordinator

Year 10 Planning for Senior Schooling

Earlier this term, the Year 10 students have participated in a Set Planning process where they had the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and ideas about their future pathways. The students have been briefed about the 2019 curriculum changes and are developing an understanding of how the new QCE system will be applied.

More information sessions will be held with our Year 10 student during Thursday mornings with a focus on what units will be taught in each subject, how they will be marked and assessed and what learning pathways will contribute to obtaining an ATAR. In addition, the option to move into the workforce after completing Year 12 will also be discussed as students will be looking at apprenticeships/ traineeships which may form part of their study pathway.

Mrs Marteniekie Forsyth
Head of Senior School

Primary Students in District Athletics Carnival


On Monday 6 August, fourteen students from Year 4 to Year 6 classes travelled to St Luke's Anglican School to compete in the District Athletics Carnival. All the students gave it their best on the track as well as in the cheering on of our Discovery competitors. A special mention to the following students who came a place in their event.

Tegan 10 years 2nd Long jump, with a jump of 2.97m
Anais 10 years 3rd 800m heat
Eli 11 years 2nd Shot put with a distance of 7.48m, which was only 1cm off 1st
1st 200m C school heat
6th 200m final
1st 800m heat
Levi 11 years 1st 200m heat
5th 200m final

The following day saw twenty-one students from Year 2 to Year 6 compete at Salter Oval in sprints, relays, ball games and the 800m finals. It was great to see our students competing as well as hear the cheering from Discovery students and teachers.

A special mention to the following students who placed in their event.

Levi 11 years 3rd 100m C school final
Eli, Jonah, Jack, Levi 11 years 1st 4 x 100m Relay C shool heat
Boys Tunnel ball team 2nd

A huge thank you to Mrs Stone and Mr Mudie who came and assisted at these Carnivals.

Mrs Karen Hall
HPE Teacher

Encouraging Reading Throughout the School


Week 6 of this term saw the library filled with lots of books for Book Fair. It was great to see so many students at the Library before school, lunchtime and after school buying books, colouring in or having a guess at the jar of jellybeans.

The library was also filled with artwork from each primary class. Each primary teacher created artwork based on one of the finalist books for the children's book of the year award.

However, the highlight of Book week was Friday when students from Prep to Year 12 and teachers dressed up to the theme of "Find your treasure" or as their favourite book character. It was great to see so many creative costumes being paraded around at assembly, we have some very clever students and parents in our Discovery community!

Mrs Karen Hall

Being a Dad is Better than Being a Super Hero


On Thursday 30 August we had a Super Father's Night with all our super dads. We dressed up as Super heroes and had heaps of fun in front of our super cool photo booth. We danced, sang and laughed the night away. With glue, bolts, nuts and tie wire, ordinary tins turned into supercool robots. It was great to share our classroom with our dads and a great evening was concluded with yummy food and a 'super-exciting-night-time-play' in our school playground. Just like real superheroes!

Mrs Rene Botha
Prep/Year 1 Teacher

Eeeww... Germs


The students have been working very hard in Year 4/5 this term. One of our favourite activities this term was where we created 'germs' as part of a book we read for Book Week. Our book was 'Do Not Lick This Book' and it was about germs and how they are everywhere. Our activity was to create and name a 'germ', by sewing felt together and then stuffing it. The students had so much fun creating these germs and even ended up creating accessories to go with their germs.

Mrs Kirsty Stone
Year 4/5 Teacher

For the Love of Science


On Thursday 30 August, we entered six teams in the Science round of the Academic Triathlon held in Miriam Vale. Each team consisted of four students and we entered two teams in each category; Junior Primary, Senior Primary and Secondary. The day included three challenges where the teams had to work together to solve the problems and build various items. It was a fun day and the students all put in a great effort! Both our Junior Primary Teams received a place, 2nd and 3rd, one of our Senior Primary Teams came 2nd and one of our Secondary teams received 1st place.

Congratulations to the following teams who were in the winning Secondary team: Angus, Chloe, Bodi and Abbie. Well done to the following students who also participated: Jonah O, Eva, Lucy, Olivia, Henry, Tegan, Anais, Edith, Jonah F, Danielle, Peter, Jaiden, Ava, Felix, Elijah, Hayley, Nathan, Halle, Ben and Shayla.

Heating It Up in the Science Department


Year 8 students investigated how a candle burns. Paraffin wax is a heavy hydrocarbon that comes from crude oil. When you light a candle, you melt the wax in and near the wick. The wick absorbs the liquid wax and pulls it upward. The heat of the flame vaporizes the wax, and it is the wax vapour that burns.

Solar ovens are useful whenever electricity is unavailable and traditional open fires are undesirable, such as while camping. The Year 7's reached a whopping 71 degrees whilst testing their ovens and melted the Smore's they were cooking.

Mrs Joan Mollentze
Science Teacher

Netball Team Shooting Goals


This term we entered a Year 7/8 girls Netball team in the BDSSS competition. The competition was played in Bundaberg over 6 weeks on a Wednesday afternoon. The competition was to a high standard and we played Shalom, St Luke's, Kepnock, Gin Gin and Bundaberg North. Although, we only won one game during the competition, it was fantastic to see the girls' skill, team work and confidence grow each week on the court.

The highlight of the competition would be the last game we played. We were versing Shalom, which we had lost to in the very first week. This week though we were winning after the first quarter, then after the second quarter we were down by one point, the final result went to Shalom 16-10. The girls played like it was a grand final and fought till the final siren. A huge thank you to Amelia Franssen who came each week to help coach the team and share her vast knowledge of netball drills and gameplays as well as umpired the game.

Mrs Karen Hall
Netball Coach

Countdown for Year 12's


Our students in Year 12 have been incredibly busy as they are in the midst of completing their final year of schooling. This week, all OP eligible students sat the QCS test. The students have spent the last two terms preparing for this milestone in their schooling life. The first day of the test occurred on Tuesday, 4th September with a Written Task followed by a Multiple Choice Task. The second day consisted of a Short Response Task followed by another Multiple Choice Task. The results of this test will contribute significantly to their OP scores in conjunction with their subject results. More information about how the QCS test is marked and how OP scores are calculated, can be found on the QCAA website.

I would like to thank the students for their participation in this test. They have already achieved success by coming this far. I would like to encourage all of the Year 12 students to remain focussed on what they need to achieve in their final weeks of school.

Mrs Marteniekie Forsyth
Head of Senior School