Welcome to Discovery

Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia

Discovery Christian College is located in the heart of picturesque Agnes Water on the Discovery Coast, Queensland.

Character. Excellence. Community.

Discovery Christian College

DCC offers very affordable private education in a safe environment with a number of significant advantages:

  • small class sizes
  • the latest Australian curriculum
  • hand-picked teaching and admin staff
  • ergonomically designed campus
  • air-conditioned class rooms
  • abundance of natural light
  • a great, supporting community of teachers and parents

"Up to 25% of your child's performance depends on the school built environment"

Source: A Holistic, Multi-level Analysis Identifying the Impact of Classroom Design on Pupils’ Learning, University of Salford, 2012

Character. Excellence. Community.

What our parents say about DCC

  • "DCC offers a wonderful learning environment for children. Our two boys settled into school this year with ease and quickly established friends across many grades. The teaching staff and faculty are exceptional and with a door is always open policy it ensures any matter/topic can be discussed promptly and leads to a quick resolve. Having active boys they thoroughly enjoy sport and it seems recess and lunch is spent eating and happily playing outside. We are constantly astounded in a positive way at the subject content they are learning as honestly it far exceeds our expectations and own personal knowledge. Seeing them excited each morning to go to school, to be with their friends and have a thirst for learning, reconfirms our decision to educate our children at DCC."

    Upper Primary Parent

  • "I would like to say a huge thank you to the sporting staff for taking our kids to all the Bundaberg sporting activities. They had a great day & we REALLY appreciate the effort involved. It is a long, long way to travel in a day – so enclosed is a big, big, thankyou. "

    Middle School Parent

  • "We have recently joined the DCC community and we have found that the College was very accommodating in making the transition as smooth as possible from old to new school. The staff and teachers are dedicated, approachable and friendly. The College incorporates interesting subjects and excursions into the curriculum which our daughter thoroughly enjoys. Everything about the College from the facilities down to the students is wonderful."

    Upper Primary Parent

  • "My child is so happy to be learning new and exciting things. She is so happy with her teaches and how organised everything is!"

    Middle School Parent

  • "Moving to a different town and changing schools can often be a struggle for families. But here at DCC we were embraced with open arms and found the whole transition to be a smooth one. Not only were we rewarded with the schools prestigious facilities, but we were extremely grateful for the acceptance and support we received from the teachers and staff.

    I have enjoyed watching my son grow as DCC has allowed him to embark on his schooling adventure, whilst his individuality is supported and guided by the honesty, reliability, structure and persistence DCC teachers possess. "

    Lower Primary Parent

  • "As parents of a primary age child, we feel that we have very fortunately made the choice to enrol our son in DCC. We have been so grateful that he has become motivated to apply his enthusiasm and energy to the learning process in a positive way. Genuine teacher to family partnerships, combined with fantastic student to teacher ratios ensure our child receives a supportive and nurturing education. We have seen him improve in his learning confidence - and that gives us the peace of mind that he is on the path to becoming a self-directed and active life-long learner. "

    Upper Primary Parent

  • "We are so blessed to be part of the DCC Family. Our children are so proud of their school and absolutely LOVE attending! The school community radiates warmth and love, it is safe with students of all ages learning and playing harmoniously together. The teachers are absolutely amazing, they always greet you with a warm smile and are truly invested in our children's lives. It excites us to share the love as our school community grows, with the addition of many new state of the art facilities. We have found our home at DCC!"

    Lower Primary Parent

  • "Our son had been looking forward to going to DCC since it opened and now he is here. He was very behind for his age and with the extra time spent with the teaching staff he has excelled in his reading and maths. He is still rough around the edges, but we couldn't be happier with where he is at now. DCC has given him and us as parents a second chance to making sure he is getting the best education he can get. Thanks heaps and we look forward to the years to come."

    Lower Primary Parent

Character. Excellence. Community.

Our students punch above the state average

  • At DCC we encourage our kids to reach for the stars. No wonder that at the recent Australian Mathematics Competition our students received so many distinctions and high distinctions.

  • Our very first NAPLAN results (published in August 2015) pleasantly surprised a number of parents. In every single year level (Years 3, 5, 7 and 9) at least 50% of the students scored in the top two bands of achievement in one or more areas.

  • Particularly noteworthy were our Grade 3 students, 42% of whom scored in the highest possible achievement band for most of their tests.

  • Even more impressive was the performance of our first high school cohort. The results show that 61% of our year 7 students achieved in the top two bands.

  • As a whole, our students have achieved above the state wide average on the majority of NAPLAN assessment areas. Once again, our High school year groups stand out and as a whole, they performed significantly above the state average in Mathematics, Reading, Writing and Grammar.

Character. Excellence. Community.

Did we mention surfing during school hours?

  • Discovery Surfing Academy
  • We strive to provide life-changing opportunities for our students beyond our great campus. Our outdoor education program for high school students takes advantage of our unbelievable location.

  • With Coral Sea at our doorstep, you can forgive our kids for swapping their school uniforms for swim suits for a few hours a week.

  • Agility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness are just a few health benefits that without a doubt positively affect academic performance of our students.

Character. Excellence. Community.

P.S. From our Principal

"You were made by God and for God and until you understand that, life will never make sense."

~ Rick Warren

At Discovery Christian College we desire for students to explore activities that they love doing and in turn become masters in their chosen field. We want to encourage students to figure out why they are here on this earth. Through purpose our focus is to guide students into career and lifestyle pathways that set them up for life.

I find it an honour and privilege to serve as the principal of Discovery Christian College.

My vision for our students is threefold: find your passion, discover your purpose and choose the right pathway to your success...

Sean Greenacre